Waiting to meet my new niece

I recently got to become an aunt. It happened when my adopted sister adopted a teenager of her own. This new child has become the newest member of my family and I couldn’t be happier I found her.

I’ve had a rocky relationship with my blood family. Most of them are ultra conservative Evangelical Christians so they tend to not want anything to do with me. Thus I turned to my found family. I moved in with my adopted sister Robin two years ago last month. I lived with her and her wife for 6 months before they helped me get into a place of my own. I can honestly say they have been better for me than my own blood family.

There is a catch. Keyohnee, my new niece, lives in Quebec, Canada. Right now Robin is on a quest to fetch her and bring her back to the States where she belongs. Following a series of events she finally has a firm date when she should arrive. I couldn’t be more excited to meet her. During the few weeks since I found out about her we have bonded quite a bit. We mostly chat on Facebook Messenger but we also call each other on Discord at least once a day when we can.

I have grown attached to this girl and I am anxious to have her be a bigger part of my life. As a fully grown trans woman I understand the trials she will face living in Texas first hand. I plan on being a part of her support network. I will revel in the right to get to protect her from this world as best as I can.

When you are queer your found family becomes more important to you than blood relatives who stabbed you in the back ever were. I am willing to admit I already have love in my heart for this dear child. I can’t wait to get to know her in person. Only a few short days away and I get my wish. A niece I get to bond with on a regular basis. I am too excited for words. I want the whole world to know she is my family and I intend to see to it she is treated well.

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