How an out-of-body experience brought me closer to my Goddess~

I have been working hard to rebuild my relationship with the Goddess Brigid after we had a falling out last year. I don’t wanna go into the details but she forgave me and she has been testing my faith in her trying to build up trust. The other night she earned my trust.

I was watching WWE Monday Night Raw with my niece and girlfriend. I am working seven days in a row this week so I been beat ass tired every night. I decided to throw in the towel and go to bed early. Except I forgot to take my evening pills which includes a dream suppressant. I immediately fell a sleep and began dreaming I was in the ring with the big wrestlers and it felt real every blow to my body. It was excruciating so I forced myself awake. As a life long fan of the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise I have trained myself in the art of lucid dreaming. I can wake up on  a moments notice.

Once I was awake I tested my faith in Brigid by calling out to her. I asked her to protect me from evil. I also asked her to give me good dreams. She reminded me I forgot to take my dream pills but I insisted I was trusting her completely so I didn’t take my pill. She immediately responded by rewarding me with an out of body experience. She lifted me up out of my body and I hovered above myself for a few moments. Then she let me fly around the room experiencing the euphoria of the moment before I forced myself awake. When pressed why I woke up I told her I was still scared. She comforted me and I spent the rest of the night having wonderful dreams. Peaceful dreams. Comforting dreams.

Needless to say between this and a few more answered prayers she has earned my trust. I am now confident in saying she is my Mother Goddess and I trust her with my life.

This wasn’t my first ever out of body experience but it was the most euphoric one. It also came with the knowledge and comfort knowing my Goddess was watching over me. Tonight I will sleep well knowing she is still watching me. Only, no offense to her, I will be taking my pills tonight just in case.

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