The Nintendo Double-standard or Xbox paradox?

If you have ever spent as much time on internet message boards as I have you have encountered the infamous fanboy argument. The age-old arguments raging between fans of one gaming console over another.

My message board days go all the way back to usenet, a precursor to the world wide web in many respects. History lesson aside it basically means I’ve engaged in more than my fair share of conversations with empassioned fans.

The most common topics of discussion is the console wars. A term applied to describe the competition between one or more gaming platforms. This discussion usually takes on three forms: The pre-launch predictions; analyzing the day-to-day during; and the look back.

Today I want to focus on all three of these with a strong emphasis on Nintendo and Xbox. Specifically I want to discuss the way gamers treat each one different, generally speaking.

Nintendo wasn’t around at the birth of video games but they were there during the toddler years. As such they’ve spent the most time in the industry of the three players today. Sony is it’s own case study so I will set that aside.

What I want to focus on is simple, why is it when a Nintendo console fails the discussion is what went wrong, when a Nintendo console is struggling the discussion is on what they should do to improve, and when a Nintendo console is announced it is always what they should do to be successful. Now the reason Sony gets a pass is basically they’ve yet to have a true failure on the same level as Nintendo. The closes they’ve came is the PS Vita which still sold better than at least two Nintendo systems. In other words, it’s just assumed they will do well and any discussion to the contrary is moot.

The tables are turned for Xbox. The original console barely sold more than Gamecube yet it is heradled by  gamers as a champion of gaming moving forward whereas the Gamecube, who’s sales were nearly neck-and-neck, is largely deemed a colossal  failure for some reason.

The Nintendo Wii sold 20 percent more units than the Xbox 360 yet nobody ever says what did Microsoft do wrong to come in third place in the race. In fact they’ve never technically won a console war yet they are always in the discussion like gamers assume they have the best chance of beating Sony when the facts show Nintendo has a much better track record of being a strong contender. Obviously you have to take into consideration Nintendo’s gaming division as a whole is divided between handheld and console traditionally speaking. However, therein lies the fallacy.

You see everyone hears Microsoft and immediately think Xbox so if the Xbox sells worse than Nintendo the Nintendo fanboy is quick to say Nintendo “won” that generation. I won’t define what it means to win quite yet. But nobody ever brings up Microsoft actually gets most of its gaming revenue, yes video games, from Windows, not Xbox. In fact this very reason is why Microsoft ports all of its first party titles to Windows yet does offer a few truly exclusive to the PC and not bringing them to Xbox. Because if you compare PC gaming sales to Nintendo it’s no long a war its a whale swatting a fly with its tail. The analogy works because the whale is swimming around in the giant big blue ocean Nintendo tried to claim as its own in the Wii era.

Let’s focus  in on this for a second.

When you think Nintendo you immediately thing hand helds and console gaming. When you compare Nintendo’s home console sales directly to Microsoft’s you see things are skewered, albeit slightly, in the Big N’s favor. However, when you throw PC into the mix suddenly Nintendo isn’t even a blip.

The money PC gaming generates is leaps and bounds above what consoles generate. This is the reason why so many keep pushing for a unified PC “master race” as they call it and replace consoles with gaming as a service. It would basically unite all gamers under a single platform. This is a pipe dream at best, a fairy tale at worst and completely unrealistic no matter what.

So on the one hand it makes sense to look at Nintendo under a microscope and wonder why the Wii U failed to match the sales of the aging 360 or the new but struggling Xbox One. It makes sense why despite having sales that lag far behind Sony and often slightly below Nintendo even that gamers automatically assume Xbox will succeed and Nintendo will struggle or hit it big depending on factors.

The console generations are arbitrary and hard to define but let’s go with the traditional conventions for now.

Nintendo sold roughly 60 million NES systems, about 50 million SNES systems, nearly 30 million N64 consoles, barely over 20 million GameCubes, a whopping 100 million Wii’s and a paltry 13 or so million Wii U consoles. Why do these numbers mislead?

Let’s start with the overlap. NES was sold between the years 1986 and 1993 more or less but had existence outside that in Japan. But it was NOT Nintendo’s only device nor a true representation of the “Nintendo” fanbase at the time. Pre-NX days when it was just a rumored console I maintained the combined Nintendo fanbase was much closer to around 80 million total and that anomolies, up or down, could be attributed to fluctuations in the market, specifically the entry of newcomers to challenge their spot.

What this means is simple. If you only look at the number of NES gamers on the planet at a given time you only see a piece of the puzzle. You are neglecting all the Gameboy gamers that count. You see most and I do mean MOST buy one or the other the handheld or the console. A few buy both but that is rare. This is why Nintendo makes devices such as the Super GameBoy or the Game Boy Player among others to play handheld  games on the console. It offers the Nintendo faithful a way to get all of their games in a single place on a single console. Basically doing exactly what Switch does now.

How is this different than what Microsoft does?

Nobody ever says why was the Xbox a failure. It sold 24 million unites in 4 years on the market. Compared to Nintendo’s 22 million Gamecubes in 5 years and Sony’s 155 Million units in 13 years. The lopsided victory clearly shows Sony is in a league of their own.

So why then do people look back and reminisce what Nintendo could have done to make the Gamecube more successful but they say the Xbox was a true contender despite hardly selling more units?

Let’s hone in a little deeper. Again at first glance it looks like Microsoft barely beat Nintendo in total numbers. If you combine the GameBoy Advance units sold, roughly 85 or so million over the same 5 years, you can show there were, in fact, more total Nintendo gamers than total Xbox gamers thus proving Nintendo actually was more successful, if not at least as much, as Xbox. Not so fast. You see you are forgetting Windows.

Now counting the total number of Windows gamers is difficult. You can easily obtain total number of users of a given Windows OS in a time span. You can also look at metrics like number of units sold of popular franchises and compare that to things like total number of subscribers to various gaming services such as Steam, GOG and Origin. Or you could cheat and look at the number of GPU’s NVidia or ATI sold in a given time. All of these numbers typically dwarf even the highest Playstation sales thus proving that the TOTAL number of gamers on Microsoft platforms does, in fact, overshadow the total number of gamers on a Nintendo platform. Doesn’t this prove, then, that it is fair to assert Nintendo needs to do XX to succeed while Microsoft merely needs to just exist?

Well not so fast. Let’s back it up one more time.

This time let’s talk about nostalgia factor. You see the claim is Nintendo, during the NES days, held 90 percent market share of video games. Thus proving they in fact once dominated the video game world. This factoid is often thrown in the face of gamers in the form of the reminder that “back in those days we just said Nintendo to mean video games” or something similar. This sounds like a gaming giant fell from grace, or if you look at combined units  between portable and living room, have fluctuated in percentage of the pie but stayed steady in total size.

But wait you are actually WRONG. That 90 percent of the video game market is misleading. You see at no point in the HISTORY of video games has Nintendo EVER had 90 percent of the entire market. They have, during a three year span, had 90 percent of the home console market. This is key because dollar for dollar, unit sold, and total number of users, puts the arcade at easily 1000 times greater than that puny 62 million units sold the NES faithful tout as gospel. This means out of the total gaming population Nintendo was barely a fraction of a fraction of a percent, nowhere near dominating.
But wait you will say, wasn’t that casual market? Arcades are akin to modern day cell phones that doesn’t count.

Okay yes you see I intentionally left out mobile because once factored in the percentage of total gamers Nintendo holds shrinks again to a statistically insignificant blip. But that is where the analogy ends. Today’s mobile devices, while having replaced the casual nature arcades did in fact enjoy with the vast majority, it fails to take into consideration that the NES itself was designed specifically to play 1 Nintendo arcade  game at home, in other words the whole reason it even existed in the first place was to let home console players experience an arcade game in the  home. It was more akin to arcades being where blockbusters were released in theaters and the home console market is akin to the home video market, VHS in those days, Blu Ray, DVD and Streaming these days.

So again you see a video game playing market that doesn’t even register Nintendo as a contender. Nintendo proved this when they themselves recognized they could NOT compete in the dominant gaming market at the time, arcades, and thus killed their arcade division to focus on home consoles while simultaneously investing in growing their mobile market to stay afloat and relevant. They were a small company trying to stay a contender in a big market that left them behind. Their solution was to create their own market and swim there. In this sense they did, kind of, push their competition out of the way. Steamrolling over Sega Master System, Turbo Grafx 16 and blowing past the Atari 7800 like Sonic the Hedgehog going through loops.

Okay so that’s just the arcade market they were beaten out of. Doesn’t prove anything the arcade market died and they lived on.

Again, not quite. You see Sega dominated the arcade market for the longest time and continued to proved there was massive profits to be had in that arena. Although arcades as a business model has shrunk down nearly to a number so much lower than during the arcade heyday. But you see, that’s not the truth either. Arcades have, like movie theaters, grown in total revenue and presence in the market yet they make that money on larger venues specialized to events not just popping in for casual fare. Now this again is a number hard to measure but the reality is Konami and Sega have all but abandoned their video game business focused exclusively on arcade machines. Why? Well in one word, casinos.

Okay but arcades don’t count la la la not listening. Alright but you are also forgetting the big fish, the home computer market. Even back then the Commodore 64 sold more total units than the NES during the same time, itself the single best selling come computer according to its own fanboys. But you are also forgetting DOS, Apple and Amiga among many others.

The point is simple. At no point in history has Nintendo EVER had 90 percent of the market. At no point in history has Nintendo EVER been the “market leader” and at NO point in history have there been more Nintendo gamers than non-Nintendo gamers. The numbers are skewered by fanboys who isolate single incidents and make up rules that make no sense outside of their twisted reality.

The truth is gamers just assume Microsoft is going to succeed, even if their console doesn’t hit the sales mark, because Microsoft has always succeeded and Nintendo has ALWAYS struggled.

Hey here is a familiar picture. Nintendo was losing ground in the arcade market and had to kill their arcade division to consolidate their resources on home consoles and handhelds. They also dabbled in PC gaming but backed out of that once they realized they had no shot at being a power player.

After years of declining console sales market share they killed their console business and consolidated their efforts on a single market, the handheld arena. Oh sure the current gen handheld does plug into a TV and resemble a home console unit,  but that’s deceitful as they’ve had products in the past that did this too. Somehow, again, fanboys conveniently forgot those instances and herald the Switch as if it is the  greatest idea ever when nothing about it is new, nor new to Nintendo themselves. Just as the GBA_GC connectivity, the e-reader or even Wii U  how original the Switch was, going back further you could ask about the Turbo Express or Sega Nomad but then you’d look like a jackass for not drinking the Nintendo can do no wrong kool aid.

I will say this. Microsoft is exponentially larger than Sony, which is itself massively larger than Nintendo. The reason gamers are constantly asking what Nintendo needs to do to stay relevant is because they’ve always been the underdog even during all the times, when you ignore other factors, they’ve appeared to not be so.

Even when you talk about the Wii era when they supposedly dominated that number is false. The reality is PS2, which launched in 2000 and was discontinued in 2013 not only was on sale longer than GameCube, Wii and Wii U, outlasting THREE entire Nintendo console generations, it also single handedly sold more units than all three of those Nintendo systems COMBINED. So again whenever a Nintendo fanboy beats their chest and says Nintendo Wii OWNED that generation. Smugly roll your eyes and repeat after me, PS2 destroyed Wii in sales and it was LAST GEN hardware and was on sale AFTER Wii’s successor came on the scene. Wii did NOT win the generation, it got its ass kicked by a last gen, outdated glorified DVD player

The point is console wars don’t matter. It’s all a ruse fanboys use to make themselves feel better about their game purchase. It means nothing in the grand scheme of things.

Why Fright Night works where others have failed

It’s no secret that my favorite genre of film this horror. But I’ve never been a fan of horror comedies especially the ones that put too much emphasis on the comedy and come across as satirizing the horror or down playing it at the very least.

Fright Night is one of those rare movies that does blend the two in a way that’s not disrespectful to the horror but still true to the era it was released.

The first thing I noticed is it definitely has an 80s vibe and it does in fact poke fun of the popular slasher genres of the time while also playing homage to a variety of Horror tropes. It had elements that reminded me of the Monster Squad with traces of Gremlins 2 and even a little smidgen of Once Bitten thrown into the mix. The movie was the right blend of satire, homage and horror comedy just scary enough to qualify as legit horror. Not crossing the line like something Shaun of the Dead would do but staying true to the spirit of the vampire lore.

The movie had a couple of moments that did make me cringe but not for the reason that you would probably think. I’m perfectly happy with the 80s cheesy Vibe it fits into the movies I grew up with it is definitely a movie I would have enjoyed had I seen it in my youth. But I’ll talk about the disturbing things in a minute let’s just go through the movie piece by piece.

First and foremost it is a vampire movie and it makes no bones about it this movie is intended to be in the Canon of vampire films. It takes the genre seriously while also poking a little fun. The two main characters are likeable for the most part the mom is sort of a throwaway character and the friend who doesn’t believe in vampires comes off as a little annoying. But perfectly in line for the 80s teen character.

The vampire hunter in the movie is probably both one of the better characters but also one of the weakest links. What I mean by that is the character definitely comes off as making tribute to Horror Movie hosts of TV shows that would show B movies back in the day. A TV host of a failed show also washed-up Hollywood actor perfectly in line with that type of character. What I mean by this person being the weakest link however is the actor is known for being in more comedy roles than serious roles and it’s a little jarring. That would be like trying to take a legit vampire movie seriously where Chevy Chase is the vampire Hunter. It’d be very difficult to do.

The atmosphere of the movie is a little mixed there are parts of it where it is a 80s teen I don’t want to say comedy but definitely Adventure film. And then there are elements that are straight up horror pure vampire movie although not as scary as I would have liked. And the movies Gore level is definitely not what I want my vampire movie. But it’s comprable to something like the monster squad or even the lost boys so it works there enough. Probably the best part of the movie because it is an 80s film is the music especially the nightclub scene.

My biggest complaint is it moves a little fast and some places in a little slow and other places throwing the pacing off a little bit.

special effects are certainly a relic of their time but they look perfectly fine. And the overall plot is exactly what you would expect from a movie of this nature at that time. More than adequate perfectly acceptable. Even the comedy doesn’t go too far and work as intended.

Now let’s talk about the two things as promised that are the biggest issues with the movie. issue number one is none of the characters really feel very fleshed out the motivations appear to be superficial mostly along the lines of just do this because the script says so.

the other issue I have with the movie is something that isn’t even a relic of the time but it’s sort of a plot point that doesn’t really get explored. The female teenager who gets stalked by the vampire has a very sensual vampire love scene turning scene near the climax of the movie problem is the man in this movie is clearly middle-aged and she’s just a child at 15 established earlier in the film which can certainly come across as problematic especially in today’s climate. It was perfectly in line with what was established in the movie but it felt a little weird when it unfolded.

Overall I would recommend this movie to any fans of the horror genre or vampire movie. It’s one of the rare movies that you could classify as horror comedy that I think works well. Just don’t expect a list performances from the actors because you won’t get it. But it’s still a good fun time all the way around. I would rate it 4 out of 5 stars very enjoyable film.

The significance of the Gobots franchise

So I was born in 1982 exactly 38 years ago from today. One year after I was born Tonka released their toy line called the Gobots. A few months later the cartoon by Hanna Barbera came out to help sell the toys it was called challenge of the Gobots. And then a short. After that Hasbro and Marvel teamed up to produce the Transformers cartoon, comics and toy line. Needless to say I fell instantly in love with both properties and I’m one of the few who didn’t actually pick a favorite until I was forced to.

It’s easy to say Transformers defeated GoBots and everybody likes to talk about how Transformers wouldn’t have even been popular if GoBots hadn’t come along before it but I don’t want to talk about those arguments I just want to talk about the toys and the cartoon that’s it just how great they are.

I didn’t have a lot of GoBots as a kid but I love watching the cartoon every chance I got I didn’t care that it wasn’t is so-called serious has the Transformers cartoon cuz it actually was to be honest but I liked it for what it was and I enjoyed it it was a little goofier but I still thought it was a good cartoon and I still cared about what was going on each episode. Now I recently found the battle of the rock Lords movie online and watched it reigniting my interest in the Gobots cartoon so much so that when my parents sent me a gift card on Amazon for my birthday I decided to use the funds to buy the complete set the show on DVD. And I’m very much looking forward to watching those DVDs and revisiting the forgotton transforming robot show from my childhood.

The first GoBots toy I ever got was Deluxe Gobot Baron von Joy. It was a silver car in the same body style as Transformers Autobot Jazz. Later on I ended up getting Dozer which was one of the basic Gobots and that’s it from my childhood those were the only GoBots toys I ever owned all my other transformable robot toys or Hasbro Transformers with a few knockoffs and McDonalds changeables thrown in the mix for good measure.

But that wasn’t my only exposure to GoBots toys fortunately. I had a friend who had a big GoBots collection he even had the deluxe super Gobots stocks with the car carrier trailer. And he had all of the combiner sets. I was very envious of his GoBots collection.

Even years later as an adult Transformer collector I shied away from buying GoBots ways it wasn’t until I walked into a strange little hobby / antique store out at the lake of all places where I came across this weird plastic cap gun with a GoBots sticker on it that I later found out was called Rogun. That reignited my previous curiosity of the toys and so I went on eBay and bought a few most of which I have since then given to my nieces and nephews who was fascinated by the GoBots story.

Now I have started my own collection this time as a die-hard collector I’m buying more toys than ever before and so I decided to focus my concentration on getting comprehensive GoBots set. As I have started doing so I have rekindled my love for the toys discovering that they are actually quite well made and very neat and enjoyable to hold behold and to play with.

Even though I didn’t have Gobots as a kid at least not very many of the toys I did watch the cartoon and so I did what any kid would do in that situation I used my imagination and had my Transformers standing as GoBots that’s right I would take my Transformers toys renamed them to GoBots characters and play with them as such. I had a gold bug that I used as a stand-in for scooter and I had a blitz swing that I used as a stand-in for tank whatever his name was and I had a silver Bolt that I used as a stand-in for leader one and I had other Transformers that stood in for whichever GoBots toy it was that I needed for that play session to play along with the episode I was watching which was how I played with my toys.

I honestly don’t remember very much about the cartoon itself. I bought the mini series on DVD a while back and watched it with my nieces and nephews but even that didn’t really jog my memory too much. I’m sure someone somewhere along the way is going to throw words like midlife crisis and other concepts of getting older out there at my Direction but I don’t care I’ve been wanting to have a GoBots collection ever since I was a kid and that’s what I’m doing now I’m immersing myself and that world that I so desperately longed for as a child.

Stephanie’s top 50 Transformers toys to get updated 5-26-20

I will update this as I add toys from this list to my collection.

Updated with changes and additions.

I have been an avid Transformers collector my entire life. It began as a youngling when my parents got me a mix of Go Bots and Hasbro Transformers one Christmas. The obsession only grew from there. When I was a young adult I took a trip down memory lane and started buying all the toys from my childhood. Due to some life events beyond my control, I had to sell everything off.

Now that I am in a position to begin collecting again, which I have been doing ever so slightly these past few months, I have started to define the direction I want to take my collection. This is the top 50 Transformers action figures I would like to add to my collection in the near future.

Note this is not a comprehensive list nor is it ranked in any way. These are just the ones that are top priority for me so they are the ones I wanted to identify first. I already have begun buying some G1 toys so I will be leaving those I already own off this list for obvious reasons. Here you are.

1. G1 Power Master Optimus Prime

This was not only the very first Optimus Prime I ever owned as a kid, it was one of the earliest toys my parents bought me. I received this guy on the Christmas of my sixth year on this earth. The toy is amazing and there are a couple different variants. I am not looking for Japanese reissues or Apex Armor stuff just the original 1980’s release.

2. RID Optimus Prime

This fire truck version is by far my favorite post-G1 Optimus Prime even to this day. While I respect the decision to stay true to his roots in subsequent incarnations, I really love the bold statement this version made when it appeared on toy shelves across the world. Robots in Disguise, also known as Car Robots in Japan, is my second favorite toy line next to the originals.

3. G1 Pretender Skullgrin

This was one of those Christmas presents I received that went from joy to scratching my head rather quickly. I always loved the Pretenders and this was probably the best one I owned as a kid, but they always felt a little over simplified in many ways. True story, when I was in 5th grade I had long forgotten his name and when I saw an episode of the G2 cartoon with purple Galvatron I mistakenly convinced myself that was who this guy was. It was many years later I learned my mistake but hey what did I know?

4. Armada Unicron

I know there is supposedly a reissue or retool or something coming in the near future. I want the original Armada Unicron and nothing else will do for me. I love everything about that release from the colors to integration with minicons.

5. Beast Wars Rattrap

I must admit I am not really a fan of the Beast Wars product line. I somewhat enjoyed the cartoon for the most part but I wasn’t as enamored about it as others. However as someone who goes by the name THE RAT, this guy was always one I was rather fond of. I would be open to various incarnations but I mostly want the very original one that was the basis of the model used in the animated show.

6. Studio Series Bumble Bee VW

Truth be told I want both Cameros and the VW bug but the one that is begging me to put it on my toy shelf is the Slug Bug from the most recent live action movie. I was a tremendous fan of that film and I would love to get my hands on any version of that toy.

7. G1 Metroplex

I don’t have a ton of money in my toy budget but I fully intend to make room for this guy at some point in the future. I always remembered him just as Autobot City as a kid. I was fortunate enough my parents got me a Power Master Prime so I could at least pretend I had a Metroplex even though I was far off. I recently rekindled my desire to have this guy back in my private collection upon discovering the Six Gun in the new War for Cybertron Siege series.

8. War for Cybertron Siege Jetfire/Skyfire

I don’t want anything to do with the Robotech crap from the 80s. But I would like to get a Siege Jetfire figure as it replicates the look of the Skyfire character as represented in the G1 cartoon which I am a fan. I had previously had an Armada Starscream stand in for Jetfire once as his mold was similar enough. I also do have a Cyberverse Jetfire but it’s not that great.

9. G2 Hero Megatron

This was the first version of Megatron I ever owned. While I have had other ones over the years this one still holds a special place in my heart. I always loved this toy and I even had the RID Bludgeon that reused the mold. It’s not the best Megatron ever but it’s one I can’t live without.

10. G1 Goldbug

This was the earliest Transform I have memories of. Technically I got it the same Christmas as Power Master Prime but I opened this one up first and fell instantly in love. I was young enough I didn’t realize it wasn’t named Bumble Bee, to me this was Bumble Bee and it was the one I played with as a kid the most.

11. RID Skybite

I never had this Trans metal inspired Shark but I was quite fond of his character in the animated program. Okay I mostly want it because it looks cool but whatever sharks are cool.

12. G2 Rapido

This was the first original Generation 2 Transformer I got after a few recolored reissues from the first wave. While some might consider it a fairly basic toy I was happy enough with it as it was similar enough to the designs of some of the later G1 toys it felt retro enough while being modern, for the time.

13. G1 Doublecross

Truth be told this is probably top priority for me. Not only was it one of my favorite toys as a kid but it was one of the first ones I bought as an adult collector the first time around. Therefore it will have a double dose of nostalgia for me in that regards. This was another one I got when I was too young to really pay attention to names so I always thought it was one of the Dinobots that wasn’t shown on the cartoon.

I never realized actual dinosaurs probably didn’t have two heads. But I always held it in high regards and used it as a stand in for whichever Dinobot I needed at the time. The cool thing about his design is it could be used as pretty much any of the Dinobots if you used your imagination a little. It was also that hard plastic, thick design of the later years I always enjoyed that some fans despise.

14. RID Ultra Magnus

Much like his Optimus Prime counterpart I love this toy. I was much better, in my opinion, than the G1 original and it was really neat how it combined with the other toy to make a super Optimus Prime. Pretty cool stuff.

15. G1 Scourge

One of the few movie based toys I actually owned and really liked. I never had this one as a kid but when I picked it up all those years later I fell in love. I kind of get the criticism as it is called a “Shellformer” but that seems like a lazy way to dismiss what is still a decent toy. I thought it worked well and again it’s that late era plastic I love so much compared to that flimsier stuff from the Takara Diaclone days.

16. Beast Wars Waspinator

This was one of the few Beast era toys I had that I actually thought was pretty cool. I wasn’t a big fan of these toys when they were new and I the cartoon didn’t impress me as much as others but I gotta admit this is one of the better figures in the line and I miss owning one.

17. Armada Minicons

I won’t list them by name or team. I will just try to buy as many random minicons as I can come across that are reasonably priced. I won’t have a clear cut map of this yet but in my mind I have an idea what I want.

18. G1 Ultra Pretender Skyhammer

This was another one of those amazing Christmas morning discoveries that really made my day. It was a very basic toy at its core but with all the accessories and gun ships it came with this thing worked as a Transformer but it was also a good Star Wars, Star Trek or even Terminator toy as needed. Then when Exosquad came along guess which toy I dusted out to keep my parents from having to buy me more toys. You guessed it. This was just an amazing Transformer vehicle set even if the robot itself was not that great.

19. RID Construction Team

I don’t know their exact names but I do remember the green one was Grimlock. This was one of the best combiner teams as it was one of the first to break away from the “Scramble City” gestalt mold of the original series. Oh sure I love me some interchangeable Aerialbots, Combaticons, etc., but this was a really cool diversion from the formula and one of the things I loved so much about that short lived filler series.

20. G2 Optimus Prime

I will keep my G1 reissue cab only for now but I absolutely must get my hands on the G2 reissue Optimus Prime complete with trailer and sound box. This was the toy I received for one of the best Christmas’s I ever experienced. It was one of the last years I got exactly what I asked for and nothing else. It was a fantastic toy and a pretty solid improvement upon the original. I am kind of disappointed Hasbro doesn’t dig more into the G2 era with their reissues but whatever.

21. G1 Six Shot

Part Ninja, part Transformer, all awesome. While some of his “alt modes” require stretching the imagination, this massive Decepticon was one of the greatest toys of its time. I didn’t care much for his Autobot counterpart but this thing was slick and cool.

22. G1 StarScream

One of the few Diaclone era toys I actually like and a high priority for me in my collecting. I was always a fan of this character and I devised my own fanfictions where he was successful in overthrowing Megatron and leading the Decepticons on a reign of terror he always deserved. I wouldn’t mind getting the G2 recolor but I would really love to get my hands on an actual G1 original at some point in time. This is one a reissue won’t suffice as far as I am concerned. Only because it won’t scale properly with all the other jets that haven’t been reissued so for conformity sake I will stick to the originals for the seeker jets.

23. Beast Wars Dinobot

This is the other Beast era toy I actually think is kind of cool. All the others my interest is purely based on their cartoon characters or my insane need to collection everything. Fortunately this is one I can see myself buying and actually being proud to own.

24. G1 Pretender Grimlock

Don’t give me that lip. This was a toy I had as a kid and it gets top priority as far as collecting goes. In terms of the figure itself it’s not bad. The shell clearly makes up for any area it might be lacking as I love the Pretender concept so much. Sure it’s tiny compared to the earlier G1 Dinobot king but hey it’s still gets the job done and is seeping with nostalgia, which is what I am going for here.

25. G1 Superion


Of all the original combiner teams this is the one I feel the need to get the most. Partially because Silverbolt actually was my very first Transformers memory, got him for my 5th birthday, but also because this complete set is so much more interesting to me than the other sets including that over-rated (year I said it) construction set everyone fawns over.

26. G1 Abominus

While we are on the subject of combiners I had three toys growing up that if this category. The above mentioned and fairly awesome Silverbolt, the less awesome but still interesting Bonecrusher from the Constructicon set and Blot, a weird, um thing, from the Terrorcon set. No, I quickly renamed it “Robocop 2” and it was a fairly decent stand in for that toy from a movie I am sure I enjoyed more than most kids my age. I don’t want to just get Blot by himself so I figure I might as well get the whole family to make it worth it.

27. G1 Fangry

One of the few Headmasters I had as a kid this toy again wasn’t the greatest but it is one from my past that served double duty as needed. I always loved this guy when I thought of him as a robotic werewolf.

28. RID Predacon three pack

I won’t even pretend to remember their names. I had this three pack back in the day and I am certain I will enjoy picking it up again as much as I did then. I am not likely to buy one complete in box for financial reasons so I will have to rely on finding a complete set somewhere on most likely eBay it would seem.

29. G2 Gobots/RID Spychangers

Much like Minicons, there are too many to list individually. The main goal is to basically get one of each “mold” and supplement those with random variants depending on personal preference.The most important one to obtain is the “cow” aesthetic of the Iron Hide pickup truck mold.

30. G1 Reflector

This was one of those figures I had some of the pieces as a kid which I obtained through trading with other kids at school. I don’t remember what I traded for them but I was very glad to have them despite it being incomplete. It was one of the first ones I did complete when I got back into collecting as an adult. I also recently added Refraktor from War for Cybertron Siege so this item is of moderate priority.

31. RID Autobot Prowl

I’ve often told the story how walking into GameStop and finding RID Prowl on the shelf was what got me back into collecting in 2001. Obviously this one is a top priority for similar reasons. Of course there are variations of this figure like his brothers. Ideally I would like to obtain the original Car Robots molds not the later recolors.

32.RID Megatron

I don’t want to have too many duplicates, nor do I want an entire collection of Megatron Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee figures as those are some of the most common figures appearing. However this is easily one of my favorite versions of the character for very similar reasons to the Optimus Prime from this same toy line. Despite it being a Predacon that later creates new Decepticons, it still serves the purpose as Decepticon leader as well as of the Predacon faction. It’s also a pretty cool looking, heavy duty action figure.

33. G1 Blaster

I’ve often heard a story my mom tells about how the first Transformer she ever got me was that boom box that I left in California when we moved to Kansas. I don’t have early childhood memories of owning this toy but I did get one in a trade in middle school so I certainly had one in my youth. Beyond that he was one of those in the middle between the earlier Diaclone based die cast metal molds of the first year and the hard plastic toys from later years.

34. RID X-Brawn

Like Prowl above this was one of the first toys I grabbed once I got back into collecting the first time. I was just getting back into the toys at the time and somehow I thought these were the actual original toys reissued with new colors similar to how G2 had been a few years prior so I convinced myself this was “Iron Hide” at the time. It quickly became a favorite of mine from the toy line however.

35. G1 Pretender Starscream

What can I saw, I love the Pretenders line. This was one I got in place of a G1 Diaclone original but I still enjoyed it. Much like the little Grimlock it was the complete set shell and all that made it worth collecting for me.

36. G1 Pretender Jazz

I am pretty sure you saw this coming by now. If not well, you should have. This was my first version of Jazz I ever owned and while not nearly as cool as the original, it fit my expectation as a pretender toy just fine.

37. G1 Blitzwing

My first, but not favorite, of the Decepticon Triple Changers. This was another one my dad got me used from a yard sale so it was missing pieces but I was just happy to have one more Transformer figure in my army of alien robots. It was a fairly decent toy in my opinion and well worth tracking down again.

38. G1 Trypticon

We’re getting down to the nitty gritty. While I am certainly interested in branching out beyond G1, the vast majority of the toys I desire to purchase will inevitably be from the original line that started it all. How can I talk myself into getting a Metroplex without his Decepticon counterpart? Also, he scales quite nicely with my original Bandai Mighty Morphin Power Rangers DinoZord Megazord set so I kind of need something for him to fight anyways.

39. RID Scourge

Okay confession time. I never owned Scourge in his RID mold or the G2 Laser Rod Optimus Prime. Of course I could go for the G2 Autobot version, in this case I would rather get the RID Decepticon and work towards completing that set. It’s more fun that way.

40. RID Sideburn

While he is not the most desirable of the Car Robots Autobot brothers, he is still a figure I would like to get into my collection sooner rather than later. I mostly want the original colors of the first two but this one I am torn between getting the red one with the flames or both. I don’t like having multiple versions of the exact same figure so this will be tough to decide.

41. G2 Color Changer Drench

I love the G2 toy line almost as much as the original line. It’s in my top three favorite toy lines bearing the Transformers branding. The color changers were absolutely one of the neatest gimmick based toys ever. Of course there are a lot of fans that despise the gimmicky figures but I actually happen to like many of them. This was another one that I had previously that I am sure to get back at some point in the near future.

42. G1 Astrotrain

I couldn’t get Blitzwing without getting his partner in crime. Astrotrain served another purpose as I had an affinity for model trains and he fit nicely into that scale too. Or I could just say I like trains and my favorite color is purple so it’s a win-win.
43. G1 Ransack

Ransack was the first figure I bought from the original G1 toy line when I first got back into collecting. It was also the very first Insecticon I ever owned, Deluxe or otherwise. I don’t exactly want to follow the same path I did before, however, I do suspect it will be very similar in many ways.

44. G1 Megatron

I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to add this to my collection. It won’t likely be my first purchase but it is high on my priority list. Keep in mind this list is not ranked so it doesn’t mean I will buy this after any of the above others it just means this was the list I went down.

45. G2 Bumblebee

Despite not being a fan of reissues, recolors or owning duplicates of action figures I already own, I will in fact try to purchase a G2 version of the original Bumble Bee toy even though I do currently already own an original G1 version. The main reason is in fact because I had him as a kid and while I did have Goldbug, this was my first true Bumble Bee figure and it has special meaning to me.

46. G2 Grimlock

Not the pretender, the original. I had the G2 and G1 toy previously but this time around I just want an original and that should do it. King Grimlock absolutely deserves a top spot in my action figure collection.

47. RID Bludgeon

Yes I know it’s technically just a recolor of G2 Hero Megatron but I had it before and I loved it then, I will have to get it again. Nuff said.

48. G1 Micromaster Countdown

This the only Micromaster I know by name. It is also the only one I played with as a kid. I didn’t own it, but my cousin did so I spent many hours playing with this toy. I know it’s fairly expensive online but I still have a strong desire to get it.

49. G1 Roadbuster

It’s another one of those obscure, later release Headmasters that most don’t care for but I actually like. It’s a giant figure in robot mode and a pretty menacing looking vehicle in its alt mode.

50. Heroes of Cybertron

Like the Nintendo Amiibo I don’t want to have a list of those I want nor do I want a complete or even large collection. I had a ton of these guys back in the day and I imagine I will grab a few just for nostalgia sake much like so much else on this list.

There you have it Stephanie’s top 50 Transformers figures to look for. Hopefully as I begin shopping I can come across some good deals. I am not expecting to get all of these right away nor am I going to use this list as a ranking system of priority. Instead consider it my wish list more than anything.

I limited this to mostly ones I have owned in the past but I think I let a few slip in that I discovered over the years. I also cheated a little with a few like Minicons and Gobots/Spychangers. Still, this is a pretty good place to get started on getting my Transformers collection back to what it once was. Stay Cool.