Journey to Perfection- Musical Therapy

I recently decided to take formal music lessons. I will be taking a piano class at school to officially learn how to play. I am also planning on taking a music production class and at least one music theory class as well. I have considered this for some time now so it has just been something I was putting off doing. I don’t want to change my major or minor, I finally settled on the perfect match for me that will lead me to a career that would be fulfilling for me. Still there is this big part of me that is musically inclined, after all I have been a musician pretty much my entire life.

My most recent attempt to get my music career going was in 2007, since then I have pretty much moved on to other things. The last song I composed was titled Journey to Perfection, which also became the first song I resurrected for my newest CD that I did last year for a school project. This was my first musical production that I made for my self no pressure to sell it to anybody just wanting to make something and it ended up being the best production I have ever put together. Well music is very powerful and I realized that maybe I won’t be a big record producer or a famous rock star but I think I can put my musical talents to good use in the business world. Recently I shifted my focus from Broadcasting to Advertising and Marketing. I decided that I would enjoy a career in media that allows for me to be creative but also has plenty of room for growth.

The foundation

The first instrument I ever learned was the drums, I was barely 3 when my parents got me one of those plastic drum sets and I banged the crap out of that thing. By the time I was old enough to join band in school that was it I was in every year, band, choir, music appreciation, I took them all. I mostly stuck with the drums but every now and then I would dabble in something different, guitar, piano, keyboards, turntables, I even tried the saxophone.

Eventually I decided to focus on doing music electronically mostly through computer software, mixing, and modern things like that. I still created my own samples and beats but I relied heavily on sampling and mixing sounds that I purchased or acquired. Sure I threw in some old school turntable mixing and scratching to mix it up.

Where do I go from here?

As a musician I have come to a point where I am no longer happy doing things that are not totally creative. I have decided that I am going to take formal piano lessons and learn how to get some serious usage out of that expensive electronic keyboard I spent my rent money on. I am also going to take some music classes at school. I decided that maybe with some real formal training I could get a gig writing themes for movies and television, or something else like video games, hell even commercials if thats what pays. I don’t think I will ever be the big arena tour rock star type but I could be the guy who uses the keyboard as a tool to further my career.

Traditional Holiday fluff

What are the best Holiday traditions? Going to the Fair, opening presents on Christmas morning, staying up till Midnight on New Years Eve, these are all holiday traditions that I am familiar with. My favorite holiday is not an officially recognized holiday by most accounts, but to me it is just as important. That is of course the day that ends October, Halloween. Sure it is not a legal holiday but it is a day of tradition.

Well I am too old to trick or treat, at least until I get some kids of my own. But My favorite tradition is watching scary movies. Who doesn’t like having a good scare on Halloween night? So keeping the tradition alive I am putting together a list of Halloween themed movies I am planning on watching this Thursday. There is a Halloween party at the college I am also considering attending but that shouldn’t interfere with my movie day.

So here is the list of movies I am planning on watching this Halloween and would recommend to anyone who also enjoys a good scream fest.

1. Pumpkin Head 2

I watched the original recently on Netflix and discovered they also have the second one so I will be checking it out. The original Pumpkin Head was not exactly the best horror movie ever made but it was a good Halloween vibe going on. Plus Pumpkins kind of go along with the day so it’s a good one to check out.

2. House 2- Second Story

Okay to be honest House was lame, really lame, but it had a few moments and I have heard that the second one was much better. I am not really all that into ghost stories but I do like haunted houses so it’s at least somewhat interesting.

3. V/H/S & V/H/S 2

I have been wanting to watch this one for a long time and now that they have the second one up I figured this would be a good occasion.

4. Child’s Play 2, Bride of Chucky, Seed of Chucky

I wish they had all five but I will settle for a mini marathon instead. I have never seen the latter ones so I am kind of not sure what to expect.  I will admit that out of the original trilogy part 2 was my favorite so it’s the one I would pick anyways.

If I have time I will also attempt squeeze in a Hellraiser and at least one of the Halloweens.

That is all for now. #StayCool.