American Society of Cinematographers

I decided to subscribe to the ASC monthly magazine as well as sign up for their website. My intention is to learn more about the art of film making from experts in the field to prepare myself for attending a film school in the near future. I currently need to meet a few prerequisite requirements in order to get into the university of my choosing so I will be taking this time to begin preparations for that eventual move.

I already completed a course in cinematography at my previous university so I have a foundation to start from. I am also currently working part-time as a video editor for a local news television station. I will focus on developing my skills while at work in addition to creating projects on the side. Because I want to become a proper professional I will be studying film techniques from different sources and perspectives. Previously I was merely relying on reading the book from my film class in school and watching behind the scenes documentaries on various DVD’s in my own film collection. I have decided to expand that to include a monthly subscription to the American Society of Cinematographers magazine in hopes that I can learn from the professionals in the industry.

I also looked into the requirements of joining one of the unions or guilds for film editors. I do not currently meet the requirements but I am working towards that so I at least know I am on the right path.

I am also in the process of producing a couple side projects for my own development. I have one more music video that I am working on and a short documentary film that I am still preparing to research for.