Ten horror movies for aces to enjoy

Being a member of the LGBT community exposes one to a lot of sexually charged content. However there is one faction of the spectrum that is averse to sexual content, asexuals also called aces. I have compiled a list of ten horror movies that are good scares that don’t feature sexual content.

1.  The Omen

One of the scariest movies I have ever seen this one is about a couple that adopts a baby that is supposedly the Anti-Christ incarnate. While it is violent it has no sexual content in it.

2.  Poltergeist

This is a movie about a family that buys a house that was built on top of a former cemetery site. Only the didn’t move the bodies. It has ghosts kidnap one of their children and they have to call in supernatural experts to get her back.

3.  The Thing

A group of scientists discover a wrecked space craft in the arctic. What they find inside is a terrifying alien that can shape shift.

4. Night of the Living Dead

The granddaddy of all zombie movies. This is a classic survival horror fest. No sex in this movie.

5. The Ring

A teenager is killed after she watches a haunted VHS tape. A family member employs a local news reporter friend to investigate. What she uncovers is a haunting tale of a twisted family that murdered their only child. Her ghost is haunting those who watch her tape.

6. Insidious

A boy goes into a coma. His family discovers his soul is roaming a dark dimension. With the help of paranormal experts they send one of their own into the dark dimension to retrieve their son’s soul.

7.  The Conjuring

A terrifying haunted house story. This one brings in the Catholic Church to hunt a ghost haunting a family. The ghost hunters bite off more than they can chew as a witch who worships the devil is found to be at the root of it all.

8. The Mist

The U.S. government accidentally opens a portal to another world. It unleashes monsters on the world. A group of survivors have to work together to get out alive.

9. Pet Semetary

A family discovers the land their house is built on is haunted by a spirit called the Wendigo. It brings the dead back to life but they turn violent. They discover how bad things go when they bury their fallen child in the cemetery made for animals.

10. Sphere

A group of scientists explore a spaceship discovered deep in the ocean. They learn of the existence of a terrible intelligence on board that wants them all to die one by one.

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