Ten r-rated horror movies to watch with the kids this Halloween

I love this time of year. Whether you celebrate Samhain, or just enjoy Halloween, it’s my favorite time of the year. I love the costumes, scary movies, the candy and especially the decorations. I can’t get enough of Halloween.

When I was younger I loved trick or treating as much as the next kid. I quickly made a habit of watching scary movies for Halloween. When I was younger my parents didn’t care what we watched so they would rent us R-rated horror movies all the time.

Here is a list of R-rated horror movies to get you started this Halloween season.

1. A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 3 The Dream Warriors

One of the best in the series this is easily a top 10 pick for me. The dream demon himself Freddy Krueger returns to wreak havoc on a bunch of teens in the psych ward of a mental hospital. The last of the Elm Street kids have to band together to defeat the dream master.

2. Halloween

It goes without saying this is a classic and well worth watching. Evil incarnate Michael Myers escapes from a mental hospital after he murdered his sister a dozen years prior. He comes home to slay horny teenagers while he seeks revenge on the town that locked him up.

3. Pumpkinhead

A boy is killed by a biker gang and his father unleashes an evil monster to get revenge on them. The monster runs amok killing all in sight.

4. Friday the 13th Part 3

This is the classic 3D film in which Jason Vorhees dons his famous hockey mask for the first time. Jason returns to his murderous ways as he stalks a group of teenagers camping out in a cabin in the woods near his Crystal Lake home.

5. Child’s Play

Serial Killer Charles Lee Ray inserts his soul into a doll as his dying wish. He comes back as a haunted cabbage patch kid ready to kill all who get in his way of finding a new body.

6. Last House on the Left

A nightmare follows two teenagers hicks who travel into the city for the first time to attend a rock concert. A group of escaped murders capture and torture the girls in a grueling scene of nightmare inducing images.

7. Hellraiser

A man seeking the pleasures of Hell itself finds himself biting off more than he bargained for. In an attempt to escape the demons who torment him he has to kill innocent people for their blood.

8. Scream

A 90s retro throwback to 80s slashers, a bunch of teenagers reenact scenes from their favorite horror movies in real life with bloody consequences.

9. I Know What You Did Last Summer

Another 90s romp through nostalgia lane. This slasher film turns the genre on its heels with a group of kids wanted for murder. Their stalker picks them off one by one as they unravel the mystery of the person they think they killed.

10. The Faculty

Science fiction meets horror as an alien invasion turns the staff of a local high school into mindless zombies. The teens have to kill their teachers in order to survive the deadly halls of this high school horror flick.

There you have it a nice round group of ten horror movies you can watch with your kids this spooky season. Enjoy.

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