My love of computers abounds

I used to love playing with old computers. Even today I enjoy watching YouTube videos of others tinkering with old computers. I get a sense of joy watching old computers being put to use in modern times.

I was always a big fan of PCs especially PC gaming. Like most people at the time I was just lucky enough to have a computer at all. The one we had was far from capable of playing up to date video games. I still had a blast with it nonetheless.

Computers are a fascinating invention. They are so complex yet they can be made to do such menial things like checking email or browsing the web. Things we take for granted today.

Some of my favorite computer memories was taking an old PC apart and upgrading it with new hardware. Even something as simple as adding a better sound card would give me a thrill. I especially enjoyed getting to upgrade things like graphics cards, modems and RAM.

I saved up all my money to be able to buy my first dedicated home computer in 2004. It was a Compaq machine but it served my purposes at the time. I kept upgrading that thing long past its prime before replacing it with a custom built model I put together myself. I had countess hours playing around with that computer, tons of fun.

Today I have two laptops, a broken desktop and a tablet. Each computer serves its own purpose. The first laptop is for writing and video editing certain projects. The newer laptop is mostly for regular every day use like web browsing and email. The desktop doesn’t power on at the moment so I need to troubleshoot that and I haven’t had the time, energy or money to put into getting it working again. As for the lowly tablet I use it mostly for certain mobile games I don’t play on my phone, like Minecraft for example.

My computer days are certainly not behind me. I love tinkering with computers even to this day. Even if it’s just adjusting certain settings in the GUI I enjoy playing around with my computer. I get such a joy out of it. I will always love computers.

Today I do most of my work on a computer. I do all of my gaming on a Playstation home console. I have learned over the years PC gaming is too involved for me to keep up with so I stick to buying a decent game console and devote myself to it’s library of games. I will never stop loving computers, even the old ones. Especially the old ones.

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