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For someone who wanted to take the month of August off from making content I sure have produced a lot of content this month. I write when I am prompted. I was inspired to bring the podcast back to life so I been working hard on that. I am still trying to find my footing when it comes to The Trans Station. Then there is the dormant properties I have left in the dust for the time being such as All Star Toy Wrestling, This or That, 5 for 5 and my personal favorite, What’s Streaming. As a content producer who worked in the professional and amateur space I can tell you sometimes a project runs its coarse.

That is what is happening right now with me. I am reevaluating my time and the level of commitment it takes to produce all the content I desire to produce. It’s not like anything I have produced has garnered much of an audience anyways.

This isn’t a run down of the shows I have produced in the past nor is it a full on schedule of content I plan on working on rather what I wanted was to list a few different projects I have worked on I would like to continue in some fashion.

First up is The Stephanie Bri Show. This is my latest podcast. It is a continuation of my previous 3 podcasts just in it’s latest form. I am calling the current iteration season 2 for simplicity sake. I started Season 2 one year after season one so it is fitting. This is by far the easiest show to produce consistently as it is just audio.

The Trans Station. I will be bringing this back for more episodes. I took the month of August off really just to take a break from this show. When I return I will be doing a full episode dedicated to telling my story.

This or That has undergone a few format changes. It was it’s own YouTube series at one point in time them it was the way I wrapped up The Stephanie Bri Show. I am putting this on hold for now. I might bring it back either as it’s own bonus podcast Patreon content or something else I haven’t decided yet.

Five for Five was the inspiration for the Top Five I did on The Transposed Podcast with Robin Alura. I killed this concept when I left Transposed as I didn’t want anything that resembled the work I did there. I will be bringing this back in whichever format I revive This or That as those shows originally went together anyways.

What’s Streaming is dead. I won’t bring it back it was a failed concept from the start.

The interview shorts are here to stay as long as I have guests to do them with me.

I will bring the toy show back in some form because me playing with toys is just fun. But I don’t have any current plans at this time.

That is everything I wanted to get off my chest.

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