The real reason I didn’t give blood today

I had made plans to give blood today. Then minutes before I was supposed to go to my appointment I backed out. The reason is simple but indicative of the struggles I face. To put it simply I can’t afford to give blood.

Here is what I mean by this. In order to do it properly I need to drink plenty of liquids before I give. I also need to eat a hearty meal. I am on a budget hearty meals are not in my scope of affordability. I eat a pair of hard boiled eggs from the gas station and sometimes, if I have the money, a small lunchable. Hardly enough food to get my blood sugar up to where the blood center wants it to be for those platelets.

Then there is the hydration factor. Again it costs money to drink plenty of liquids. I have to drink additional Gatorade or water on top of my normal amount required to remain properly hydrated. I am broke. I have to ration my hydration products I just do. I can’t be drinking extra drinks to give blood when I barely can afford the necessary drinks to stay healthy as it is.

I am a person who is willing, and able, to give blood. I have O Positive a blood type that is nearly universal. Yet I cannot give today because I am broke. Not to mention I can’t risk running out of gas. This is what being poor is like. To broke to give blood to a center in desperate need because life decided to be difficult to me lately. I promise I will start giving again as soon as I can, trust me I could have used that free gift card they offered as incentive too plus I love feeling good knowing I did something good for humanity. I enjoy it tremendously but today I had to back out of my commitment because I couldn’t come up with the money to do it properly. Last time I gave without doing those things they stuck needles in both of my arms only to tell me they couldn’t get any blood out of me. I am not going through that again. So I chose to stay home.

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