Slice right for Frigay the 13th Horror Podcast: A review

By this point in time I can safely say I am well versed in this horror podcast. It is a combination of NPR mixed with news, commentary, queer culture and horror all rolled up in one tremendously entertaining yet highly informative podcast that leaves the listener dying for more.

I first discovered this podcast in 2018 when I was still in the closet. I previously wrote an over view shortly after I came out but that was so long ago I now have a much deeper appreciation of the beautiful work these two wonderful humans do.

The premise is simple. They cover horror in real life and horror in the movies. The show starts with headlines in a segment they call Certified Terrifying. They then go into their primary topic in an NRP inspired commentary on the theme for the episode. The topics are always quite informative. I can honestly say I have learned a lot from this show.

After that they offer up a segment called Wha’cha Been Watching, Bitch! where they tell listeners the latest movies and TV shows they have consumed. This section is spoiler free where they offer recommendations of what to watch and what to avoid. Everything culminates in their honest, no holds barred reviews of two horror movies that tackle the theme of the episode. Each episode is titled Something is Terrifying where something can be cults, video games, pop culture, etc.

The show usually wraps with a slightly lighter hearted, sometimes humorous mini game. Each episode features its own mini game from Slice Right where they pick the hottest person from the movies to more game show trivia fare. I will be honest I tend to skip the final segments as once the reviews are done the show has wrapped as far as I am concerned, for the most part.

The show is one of my favorite podcasts. I try to never miss an episode. In addition to their main episodes they also do bonus episodes where they take on a single film or news story often with guests.

The best part is the entire show is from an LGBTQ+ perspective! Both hosts are gay men who often stand up for trans rights in several of their episodes. The show is both entertaining and informative. Sometimes I leave an episode with homework and I am never disappointed reading further on the topics they introduced me to. Other episodes offer me suggestions of great films while some episodes are insightful looks into how awful the world can be at times. They are two very vocal, highly opinionated and very intelligent individuals who really know their horror stuff.

I highly recommend this show. I give it 5 out of 5 stars, a perfect show for passing the time. I never miss an episode.

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