Two dude bros pretending to be retro gamers: The CUPodcast review

I don’t write many podcast reviews because, frankly, I don’t listen to many podcasts. There is one I have listened to for several years I wanted to talk about following the gushing praise I gave my favorite horror podcast last week.

This is called the Completely Unnecessary Podcast, or CUPodcast for short. It is hosted by two gamers who talk about video games and gaming culture, for the most part. Despite how I feel personally about the two dudes running the show, I kept listening long after it stopped being healthy for me to do so.

I discovered this podcast during my pre-egg, hiding in the closet days. Ya know when I was still dude presenting myself. I was also more of a gamer then very much plugged into gaming and YouTube culture. Today I find myself less interested in these things so I will try to review the podcast in light of why I enjoyed it not how I changed.

First, the hosts. There are two. One is a former used video game store manger and the other a sorta popular gaming YouTuber from the earlier days of YouTube. I often found their insights into the world of gaming to be the types of things I would agree with. They sometimes disagreed with one another making for an interesting discussion during certain topics. However in recent listens I learned something I didn’t see when I was an angry, bitter “dude” pretending to be a guy. They are mean. Not just to each other, not just to the listeners, and not just to other people but in general they are just mean people.

I used to like that because I was mean, too. I went through the angry gamer phase myself so I kinda relate to it. However, as I grow as a person sharing more compassion with the world I try to distance myself from the types of negativity these two offer their listeners week after week. I am tired of mean people and thus I can no longer recommend this podcast in good conscious. Instead I will say this. The two are knowledgeable about retro video games, not as much modern video games. They are regulars at gaming conventions but their expertise seems to lean heavily towards retro gaming culture. When I was more into that culture the show appealed to me. Now it still might if it wasn’t for the fact I can no longer stomach how mean they are. They are actually bullies and I can’t stand bullies.

I give the show a 1 stat out of 5. They know their shit but they are such blatant assholes, far too arrogant for my liking. The show has gone downhill, especially since they became unhealthily obsessed with the Intellivision Amico. The show itself has become quite, unnecessary for me.

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