Why I decided to start streaming Minecraft Skyblock at this time

I have a lot of projects I take on. I don’t always finish every project but every project I do work on is worth while to me even if I never finish. The reason is simple, I enjoy it! Hobbies are supposed to be for fun. One of my hobbies is making videos. Not every video I make has to turn into a long running series. Sometimes I just wanna goof off. That is where streaming comes in. 

I enjoy a nice relaxing Minecraft stream where I can build while talking about whatever enters my mind. The best part of streaming is it combines multiple hobbies into one. While I have never taken streaming all that seriously I do keep trying it. 

My goal is not necessarily to find success. Sometimes I wanna do something just for me, whether nobody else ever sees it or not. I have short films and videos I have made just for myself I never shared anywhere. This will always be the case. SO when I step into streaming I am doing it for me. As a way to share the game I love with others. I might try to get set up to stream other games but for now it will just be Minecraft, mostly Skyblock to be honest. 

That is all. I just want to stream for myself. I hope I find an audience if others enjoy my content but honestly the Minecraft field is so crowded enough as it is I doubt I will attract too many followers to this project. I do it for me. That is all.

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