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Every single job I have had was found on a list of the worst jobs for someone with Bipolar Disorder. Oops. Apparently I wasn’t aware of the way this disease affected my past job history other than it absolutely did.

Whenever someone asks me what makes keeping a job so difficult for someone with bipolar disorder I have to go into a detailed explanation of how the disease works, with a focus on how it affects me specifically.

Whenever I am experiencing burnout on a job I tend to shift from productivity mode to coasting on auto pilot. Once this happens it is probably a sign the job I have is about to end. Other reasons I might walk out on a job could be having a bad day I might take everything personally. In this scenario I feel so threatened by the events of the bad day I can’t see myself returning to that job without having to put myself in danger. So I walk away.

Whatever the reason for losing a job I have gotten to the point where I need to find something that does work for me. That’s where teaching comes in.

Although teaching is high stress and can be the type of environment that could potentially trigger my stressors it does provide me with some attributes that are good for combating my symptoms. For starters the hours are ideal. Right now I am working a 7-5 shift with a 2 hour lunch break. It comes out to an 8 hour shift with a sweet break smack dab in the middle of the day. This break affords me an opportunity to decompress. One of the things that can overwhelm me is when I am over loaded and I can’t get away. My current job allows me several opportunities to step away for a few moments throughout the day.

I didn’t have a plan with this. Sometimes I write essays to better understand the world around me. Sometimes this is just a diary where I can jot down my thoughts and see how they lay out. Today is one of those. I didn’t have a plan just wanted to share a few thoughts I had.

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