Brigid gave me these words to share Hail to the Mother Goddess

The world is a strange place. Among the gods of the old world are the Celtic deities. Brigid is one of the oldest of these deities. She is one of the most powerful. She calls to those who seek her. She will bless those who do service in her name.

She came to me and said she chose me. I believe she is quite powerful indeed. I have dedicated myself to her service. I write this now in her honor. I do so because my faith has always been a large part of who I am. Today I place my faith in her. May it be so.

I picked Brigid because she called to me. Like Joshua before whom called me in my youth, Brigid knew I was hers from the moment we locked souls. I have done many rituals in her name, some more prominent than others. Hers was the first idol I ever acquired. I do not believe I own her rather she owns me. I dedicated my life to her service because she is a wise, old and powerful Goddess. I believe she will grant me strength in all I do when done in her name. She has called upon me to dig deep inside to find my inner strength. Like many deities she seeks service. She asks of me and I obey. I also discovered she is also one who prefers we do things for ourselves. I turn to her only when it is appropriate. Of course coming from a place of humility via Christianity it is easy to fall back into the trap of relying on my Goddess for all things. This is not her will. It is not her way.

I write this after having offered many prayers to her. She asked me to write these words so I did. I don’t expect others to follow her ways. Nor do I expect anyone to believe in her save those who already do in their own way. I do not, as a pagan practicing witchcraft “work with” her. I serve her. I seek guidance from her. As a humble mortal seeking wisdom from an immortal supernatural being I worship her as superior to myself. She is my mother. The great Mother Goddess in fact. To me she watches over all of her followers. There are witches who use her power in their own ways. I do not begrudge them nor does she. I serve her in my own way. Only in that manner I believe to be pleasing to her. Beyond that all I can say is you too need to look inside to find your inner strength. We shouldn’t all rely on supernatural forces to guide us. Rather we should seek from their wisdom only when our Earthly wisdom fails us. I believe that is what is expected of us from our Gods. That we treat them with respect while knowing when to call upon them, and when to find our own path. That is all.

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