How I had a pretty good day even though it kinda sucked

My day started at 7 a.m. this morning. I woke up in tremendous pain in my right foot. This is big deal because it is my left foot that I hurt and requires me to walk with a cane. I decided to start the day off by going to Walmart to grab some stuff from the pharmacy.

First up was pain relief. I bought myself an icy hot pad, a roll on pain reliever, and something to really help me a grabber to pick items up so I don’t have to bend over. These little things like this will go a long way offering me some relief. While at the pharmacy I got a whim to call my doctor to schedule a follow up appointment to my lab work from a while back. Turns out he had time to see me today. So I went in.

I was at Walmart from 9 a.m. to around 10 a.m. It took me the full hour to find all the items I needed plus waiting in line as I don’t use the self check out for obvious reasons. Once in my van I realized my appointment was only 2 hours away so I chose to drive over to Denny’s for breakfast while I killed time. I ate as much as my stomach would handle, taking the rest home for my cat Buddy. He was grateful I did but that’s for latter in the day.

My doctor appointment was around noon. It took a full hour before the doctor could see me. He had a big order. He was reviewing my labs from a few months ago to see if they were still relevant. He also wanted to examine my foot to determine if I was qualified for the disability placard I was asking him to sign off on. Two seconds into touching my foot the amount of pain his fingers caused was obvious he signed my papers. He also filled me in on other medical stuff I don’t need to share with the public right now. He wrote me more medications and I drove to the DMV to get my blue placard.

The DMV was pretty easy. Since I was there for a handicap tag there was a line just for that I was in it all by myself. I got right up to the counter. Turns out the doctor did it wrong so I had to drive back to his office to get a script to take back to the DMV to accompany my paperwork. Finally I got my blue placard and now can park in the handicap spots! Woo hoo! That alone saves me tremendous amounts of walking and offers me even more pain relief.

Finally I drove back to Walmart to pick up the new drugs my doctor prescribed me for my conditions. My doctor was overly cautious so wrote a hard script rather than calling it into Walmart I had to wait in line. Thankfully cane in hand the people around me were kind enough to let me sit in the chair and wait while my name was called. My insurance took care of the rest and those scripts turned out to cost me a whopping zero dollars!

By the time I got home it was already 4 p.m. I walked into the house to my poor cat screaming his head off. It’s been a very long time since I have left him all alone for that long of a time. Needless to say he was feeling his abandonment issues hard corp. So I was happy to snuggle with him until his heart was filled with comfort. Then I filled his belly with snacks and he quickly forgave me for staying gone as long as I had.

Unfortunately between my drive from the DMV back to the doctor back to the DMV I got a phone call from my employer informing me my temporary assignment ended early. Thus by the time I made it back to m apartment I was unemployed yet again. Fortunately as fate would have it waiting for me in my inbox when I arrived home was an offer for a paid writing gig via one of the freelance writing services I use. While not enough to pay my bills it was enough to lift my spirits.

Even though my foot is in intense pain, my medical condition is deteriorating and I lost my job, I remained in good spirits throughout the day. Oh by the way between all of that the news reporter from the Dallas Morning News called to fact check my story that she is doing on me that comes out tomorrow. All in all I had a pretty damn good day.

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