My plans now that the next generation of video game consoles has arrived

There are two new souped  up game consoles just now hitting the market. The oddly-named Xbox Series and the tried-and-true Playstation 5.

I am always one who gets excited whenever a a new console generations starts, but not for the same reasons as most people.

You see I am a thrifty shopper. I am on a tight budget. This has led me to develop a pattern where I don’t buy the latest and  greatest game console while it is still hot and fresh. You see I use a new console launch as an excuse to dig back into the catalog of previous generation consoles as those last-gen games will soon be filling the bargain bins.

It’s not that I don’t love buying a current gen console believe me, I do. But I often resort to a pattern where I give a new console a year, sometimes two, before I jump in. This way there is time for games to come to the system as well as budget titles to start hitting store shelves. During the interim is when I dive head first into the recently discounted last-gen games for the console I already own, while also padding out my retro collection.

Currently I am on what I would call a Playstation kick. I have always owned Nintendo consoles, Sega and Sony. So for me I like a wide variety of games. The thing that gets me most excited is exploring those back logs looking for hidden gems and games the general public may have already forgotten.

I do often try to buy a console while it is still currently being sold in stores and receiving new games, but mostly come in mid-to-late gen more often than not. It is rare that I will have to resort to buying a console after the fact, although it does happen. It is even more rare for me to buy one at launch. In fact I have only done that three total times in my entire life. The first time was a Nintendo DS. I had to play that Super Mario 64 DS remake. I also picked up Tetris DS and Mario Kart DS as soon as they were available. I couldn’t wait for that.

The second time I bought a console at launch was, surprisingly the Nintendo Wii. I had a gut feeling about that one so I stood in line to get it launch day. I was the only one standing in that line but I was still glad I did.

The most recent time I have bought a console at launch was also the first time I ever stood in line to pre-order a console. It was for the massively popular Nintendo Switch.

I do want to get a PS5 at some point in the future. There is a chance this time around, thanks to ya know Microsoft buying a certain game studio recently, I may pick up an Xbox console at some point too. But for now I am going to enjoy the massive influx of last gen games about to hit the used market as gamers flock to stores to trade in their old, outdated games to make room for those brand new, shiny next gen games.

For me a new console launch is as thrilling as it is for early adopters, just for an entirely different reason.

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