Meet Chloe, my new cat: could MS survive without Xbox? GameCube and Wii U collecting: He Man Wrestling toys and more!

In this excited episode of The Dark Web Podcast, THERAT introduced Chloe to the world. Who is Chloe? My new cat! She is so cute. You should check out the video to see her in action. 


Topics include what movies/TV shows I watched this week.

Starting a vinyl record collection? Maybe?

Could the Microsoft survive without Xbox?

What factors make collecting for Nintendo GameCube different than Wii U? Why did one get better support than the other despite the differences in their predecessors success? 

Toy topic is a brief discussion of Masters of the WWE Universe. Not much to go on so check it out.

Also what is up with The Walking Dead? What is the nitpick now? Find out in this episode here at The Spiders Lair, Where Chaos Resides. Stay Cool.

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