Frigay the 13th Podcast thoughts

I have been saying for a while now I was going to begin reviewing podcasts. I wanted to wait until I was comfortable talking about my personal stuff I was hiding before I did so because I knew if I wrote an honest review of this particular podcast before my reveal it was not going to be all that honest. I was trying to pick shows I have heard more than one episode before I reviewed them. Since that is not the case here consider this more of a general musings than a proper review.

Here goes. The premise of the show is you have two guys that are both openly gay and horror fans. The show appealed to me because talks about horror movies which I am a fan. The thing is they do more than just review horror movies from an LGBT perspective, they tie it into an aspect of real life horror tales, in an attempt to analyze the real world horror through the lens of the art. It’s an interesting concept.

I only listened to the most recent episode so I don’t have a lot to go on. Basically what they did was discuss two topics involving horrible people from society. They did an old Hollywood segment and a new Hollywood segment. They talked about recent controversies surrounding Kevin Spacey and Brian Singer. They then dove into a discussion on two films they tied into the topic.

It was an interesting show. Based exclusively on the name of the show combined with their social media posts the show was nothing like I was expecting. While I would have been fine with two gay guys talking about horror movies and doing voices, having fun or doing a lighter show, I was very impressed with the maturity of which they handled their subject matter. It was a decidedly darker show than I expected. As someone who lived through the horror of being bullied for being different, let’s be honest I wasn’t as good at hiding who I was as I thought, I can say it was a relief to be able to listen to relatable stories that reminded me of the things I had to go through. Fortunately my story isn’t entirely as dark as some of the topics discussed but it was relatable nonetheless.

The hosts are very familiar with the topics. They are clearly fans of not just cinema but the Hollywood lifestyle as well. This does allow them to offer a pretty deep looking into the darkness they covered. As someone who calls their website The Spiders Lair, I can appreciate taking a stroll into the darker side of humanity.

I would highly recommend the show for anyone who is a fan of cinema, especially classic cinema and horror movies in general. The show does have a gay slant, as the title implies, but don’t let this turn you off, they are able to talk about these topics in a manner I believe was respectful and insightful. They do speak opinion on the show so fair warning. Also there is profanity.

I would need to listen to more episodes to give it a true and proper rating but for now I enjoyed what I heard enough to subscribe. My intention is to go back and check out some of their earlier shows in due time. The episodes were reasonable length too. I have a hard time with 3+ hour long podcasts, which there are many, but a sub 90 minute show is manageable for me.

Be sure to check them out and as always, Stay cool.

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