The Conjuring, Disney Princess dolls, Trading Card woes? Also PRIDE MONTH!

In this exciting episode, yes because I did something I’ve never done before, I recorded the podcast WHILE doing a livestream! Oh hell yeah this was cool. 

Alright what’s on the agenda? Well I talk about my journey changing my name and the hell that’s put me through for Pride Month.

I talk about why I need to get some Disney Princess dolls in my collection and where I’d like to start. 

I discuss the scariest fucking movie I’ve seen in ages, The Conjuring, and I also might have a couple surprises up my sleeve! Check it out I dare you! No I Double Dog Dare you~

Forgotten underrated 80s movies, why digital movie collecting sucks, Ghostbusters toys and more!

In this episode I take a look at 10 forgotten underrated 80s movies nobody ever talks about.

I also take a look at DVD collecting and contemplate why digital collecting isn’t taking off like streaming is. 

Oh and NEW TOYS including a very special Ghostbuster figure! This was a fun episode I hope you enjoy~