No more themed weeks on The Spiders Lair :(

I recently began experimenting with the idea of doing a theme week for my content keeping all videos in the same theme. This worked for a couple weeks with Christmas videos, Pet Week, and then it began to fizzle out as my creativity was stifled as I had to try to make videos fit into the theme. It quickly became daunting to come up with a central theme each week so that also became an issue.

The central videos I produce on the channel are 5 for 5 Likes/Dislikes and This or That. I used to try to do What’s Streaming pretty regularly but I have since ran out of ideas for that and it felt too much like work. I do intend to bring it back, but with a single focus each week, one channel, one video or one creator I want to show case, as I originally did it. Not this TV Guide crap I dabbled in the past few weeks. I couldn’t make it work within the context of the individual theme for each week which is a major contributing factor to why I put the series on temporary hiatus. I DO expect to get back to producing them THIS week. I have a specific creator in mind I want to show case. Be sure to check back often and please like, share and subscribe to any content you find I produce you enjoy. Stay Cool.

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Stephanie Bri

A transgender writer who also does podcasts and videos. If you like my writing please consider helping me survive. You can support me directly by giving money to my paypal: If you prefer CashApp my handle is @Stephaniebri22. Also feel free to donate to my Patreon. I know it's largely podcast-centric but every little bit helps. Find it by going to, Thank you.

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