It’s another Valentine’s Day

Every year this holiday arrives when I am in the busiest part of my life. I don’t always have time to sit back and enjoy or even take time to find someone to spend it with. More often than not I ignore it and go on with my life. This year I am trying something different. Even though I am perfectly content being single and enjoying my life as it currently is, I am going to get a little into the spirit and do something special for the day. I am planning on recording a very special episode of my podcast, The Dark Web Podcast, centered exclusively on the holiday.

I am planning on sharing some personal memories, mostly the positive ones, along with my favorite romantic themed movies, songs, and other related topics. I am not expecting it to be the most fun episode but I am planning on giving it my best.

My only other plans for the day include working and finding the time to maybe say hi to some friends on social media I hope will appreciate the sentiment. Other than that this is it for me. I am contemplating watching some Girl Meets World on Netflix, maybe they will have a Valentine’s Day themed episode I can browse.

I don’t actually celebrate the holiday. Not for religious reasons as I am new to the Catholic faith and not fully vested in it yet. I am also not into the secular implications of the day, it is mostly another day to buy gifts for your sweetheart, which I am currently lacking. I don’t let it depress me or bother me, I save all those feelings for my birthday or the day after Thanksgiving when my heartburn damn near debilitates me.

The only reason I am giving it a small shot this year is because I am trying to push past some of my previous negative feelings towards the social events i often neglect or avoid. The best part of this, for me, is the personal growth. I am struggling with becoming a better person. The idea is for me to find ways to be more fulfilled in life. At the very least I want to be more approachable if not completely more sociable. I consider it a small step in the right direction. As such I will put this out there, hopefully everyone will have a Happy Valentine’s Day this year. Stay cool.

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