The Dark Web Daily Show- Tuesday June 26 talking Big Brother, TMNT, Nirvana, SCOTUS and more!

Have you ever been down to the dark web?

Welcome to a brand new episode of The Dark Web Daily Show featuring your host, The Rat. Today’s exciting episode opens with a all-new theme song, performed by non other than THE RAT himself. This is the first new recording featuring vocals since 2014.

Today’s episode centers on heading down memory lane to discuss my discovery of the famous Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I tell the story how I first discovered the arcade game. For the longest time I thought the video game came first so I always thought of it all as a video game poperty not a cartoon or comic book based thing.

Headlines I mentioned Big Brother CBS’s famed reality/game show starts a new summer season tomorrow night. I intend to hit up the DVR and will be talking about the show as it unfolds. It’s only one of three reality shows I watch. The other two are Shark Tank and Pawn Stars. I also mentioned the sad news related to that History Channel favorite towards the end of the show.

SCOTUS also ruled the Presidet Trump travel ban is constitional so expect outrage over that from both sides. What a time we live in.

Enjoy the show. Feel free to leave a comment down below.

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