A sneak peak at an upcoming Game Sack episode: Sega Game Gear

Game Sack’s Joe and Dave ‘gearing up’ to tackle the Sega Game Gear in an upcoming episode of their popular review show.



Here you see the self-proclaimed Sega fanboy battling it out with the Nintendo fanboy over the merits of the machine that took on Nintendo’s monopoly in the handheld gaming market in the early 90’s.



This screen shot was taken with the duo’s recently RGB modified Game Gear console they will be using to do their review in the upcoming episode, set to air Oct. 1 on their channel.


The Sega Game Gear was a full-color, 8-bit gaming device based on Sega’s aging Sega Master System technology. It was released to compete directly with the ultra-successful Nintendo Game Boy, a device whose legacy continues to this day.

“We were finally able to procure a Game Gear modified with an RGB video output so we could record the gameplay without using an emulator.” said Joe Redifer, co-host.

“People really enjoy these dedicated episodes and this one was really fun to make.” he added.

The episode is scheduled to air on October 1. Visit their channel for more console reviews, game reviews and skits. The duo mixes humor with high production values to create entertaining reflections on the gaming culture of the 80’s and 90’s.

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