Trying to decide how to rebrand my content to be more in line with my whims

A rebranding is in order. It was inevitable. This website has already gone through a number of changes over the years. It started as a comic book fan site. Then it was a horror and comic book blog. Then just a general purpose blog for my random thoughts. Now it’s time I make some changes again.

First things first, this website is not going to change. I worked hard pouring my soul into my writing here. I wanna keep it loose and open ended. This is my website. It bears my name. That being said some things are going to change.

I have made several different YouTube channels over the years. I have gone through many phases with multiple changes to content formatting. I have struggled to find a consistent brand during that time. I have created vlogs. I have made toy videos. I have done movie reviews and podcasts as well as a news cast I tried to keep up once a month. None of these projects worked because my heart wasn’t in it.

I can’t decide if I wanna make a brand new channel or rebrand the content on my main channel. I am kinda struggling with how to move forward. I haven’t been inspired to make a video in months. I chose the simple vlog format because it was easy to produce content but I forgot the one short coming of the format, topics. I have trouble coming up with topics. I didn’t want it to become a channel that mirrored the content I previously produced under my old channel, The Spiders Lair. so I decided to forgo talking about horror, comics, movies and video games on purpose. I didn’t want it to be a trans culture channel either. So I left it alone while I spent time with my thoughts.

Here is what I discovered. Everything keeps going back to horror. I like talking about horror movies. I enjoy watching horror movies more than any other type of movie. Out of the thousand plus DVDs I own 2/3rds of them are horror. I want to talk about horror only. I want to watch movies and then share my thoughts on that movie. I don’t want to edit videos. I don’t want high production values just a simple horror vlog. But I wanna make sure horror is the central focus of the channel moving forward.

Here is what I am trying to decide. Should I kill all previous content and replace it with a horror vlog, or should I start a new channel exclusively for talking horror? I don’t wanna start over again with zero subscribers. It is so difficult to get people to subscribe as it is. However I don’t want to close the door on open-ended content either. Someday I might get the whim to go back and make more toy videos just for fun. I don’t wanna confuse my audience by cluttering my horror channel up with non horror content. If I rebrand I need to decide if I go all in or create a new channel. This is what I am struggling with today. If I make a horror exclusive channel I need to come up with a brand name. Something I can market. A part of me wants to bring back The Spiders Lair. A part of me wants to return to playing the character The Retro Witch. Still a small part of me wants to try and think of something different. Something original. I don’t like going back to the well so to speak.

I can’t make this decision over night. I don’t wanna make any drastic changes right away. I don’t want to be impulsive. I would like to take my time and think this through. I don’t do that enough thanks largely in part to being bipolar. However I do want to make a change soon because I am itching to get back to making new content again. So if I rebrand my channel I wanna figure out what to do with my old content. Otherwise I need to figure out a name for my new channel. Something that stands out. In the mean time I need to get additional input from other sources before I make a decision. The inevitable podcast will follow most likely once I make a decision.

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