Goldfish on the Mountain Chapter 48

Chapter 48

It was time. Ashley knew Molly only had a few short days to live. She wasn’t sure how Drake was going to end her life but she knew it was coming. Ashley had been fighting the doctors, the hypnotists and the therapists this whole time. In the back of her mind she knew her only chance of recovery was to escape this torture chamber and get her mind free from whatever it was they were using to mess with her.

She had been slowly finding ways to dispose of the medicines they gave her for suspicion the drugs were what was messing with her mind. She had successfully replicated the outward effects of the drugs enough to fool her captors into believing their plan was working. But she knew better. For the last couple of days Stephanie was completely clean and able to think clearly for the first time since her husband’s murder.

It was going to take everything she had to escape. She knew it wasn’t going to be as easy as walking out the front door. Not during the day shift anyways. There was a young pervert on the night shift that liked to get a little handsy with the female patients. He was a stereotypical drug user, covered in tattoos and piercings. He was just a janitor on the night shift but Ashley knew if she lured him into her bedroom with the promise of sex she could get his keys.

The trick was doing it without the security guards noticing. Ashley knew the big fat guy took his meal break at 2 am That was when janitor handsy snuck into her room to cop a feel. While on the drugs she was tied to the bed and there wasn’t much she could do. The only thing she knew was this was her shot. And so she waited for the clock to tick 2 am

Right on schedule the doorknob opened and old perv waltzed in as per usual. He cleared the trash cans and went around the room pretending to do his job just enough to avoid any suspicion from the cameras just in case. He walked over to Stephanie’s bed, slipped his hand under her blanket and began stroking her right breast as he always did.

Suddenly he jumped back as her eyes popped open. With a smile on her face she whispered to the perv.

“Hey big boy, how would you like to do more?” Ashley asked.

The guy let out a sleazy smile and nodded in agreement.

“Oh yeah baby what you got in mind?”

“If you untie me we can sneak off to the broom closet and have a little meal break of our own if you know what I mean,” she said as she licked her lips and winked at the man.

He threw the towel over his shoulder to ensure it landed on the camera and proceeded to untie the woman. Taking her by the hand the two snuck into the janitor’s closet. The guy was beginning to unfasten her clothes when she stabbed him in the neck with a sharp tool she snagged off the shelf while he was distract. He fell to his knees bleeding profusely out his neck. She stomped on his man parts for good measure as she removed the keys from his belt, along with the side arm he kept on his person out of habit.

Ashley knew she wasn’t going to have a lot of time. She also had no idea which key did what so she was scrambling to figure that out. She ran down the main hallway to the front door. She knew it was locked but this was her chance. She had to do anything to get out of her. As she fumbled through the keys looking for the right one she noticed a sign on the wall next to the door with a key code. She frantically entered the keys into the keypad and pressed the green button. The door opened and she ran outside as fast as her tired legs could carry her.

Ashley didn’t have any idea which car belonged to the man she surely killed but she knew she didn’t have time to figure that out. This was her shot at getting her life back and nothing was going to stand in her way. She saw her chance to get away as she ran into the trees hoping she could make her way to town. It was her best shot. She knew she had to stay off the highway as she was wearing the clothes of an escaped mental patient. She’d seen enough movies growing up that wasn’t a person people would be likely to help out in a pinch.

As Ashley made her way through the woods she was tripping and fumbling over her feet. She had no clue where she was going she just knew she had to get away from that place long enough to get her mind clear before she figured out what to do next.

Back at the clinic she left behind, Dan the security guard came back from his break. He sat at his desk and noticed the towel covering the security camera to the patients room. He knew Bob had fooled around with the patients from time to time so he didn’t immediately think anything of it. He waited a few minutes, listening to the audio feed to see if he could hear anything juicy going on.

Dan decided he better go check on the young janitor to see if he was getting himself into some sort of trouble. On his way to the room he noticed the supply closet door was hanging open. He couldn’t hear any sounds coming from there so he decided to leave it alone and head to the room. To his shock he noticed the door was unlocked. He entered the room and discovered the girl was missing. Well he figured he had a hunch where she might be so he headed back down to that supply closet expecting, halfway hoping, to catch Bob in the middle of an unspeakable act with her.

When Dan opened the door he went into panic mode. Instantly the first thing he noticed that was out of place was a dead body lying on the floor. It was the stupid janitor, Bob, his throat had been cut and he was obviously dead based on the amount of blood spilled on the floor.

Realizing the patient must have escaped he walked back to his station as briskly as he could. Not wanting an incident Dan was hoping he could find the woman and return her to her bed before anyone noticed she had been gone. As for the dead body, he wasn’t sure what to do with that but he knew it was going to come back on him if he didn’t do something quick.

As he skimmed through the security footage hoping to find the girl hiding behind some furniture or in a cupboard his worst fear was realized, he had an escaped mental patient running loose. He knew there was no way to keep this from getting out unless he acted fast. He immediately picked up the phone to call his supervisor.

“What the hell do you want Dan, it’s 3 o’clock in the damn morning!” an angry voice said on the line.

“Um sir we have a problem. Bob is dead and patient 2306 has escaped,” Dan said.

“SHIT! What the hell is going on down there! You stupid son of a bitch! Alright don’t panic, call the police and tell them we have a situation but make sure you tell them she is dangerous and to use caution. For fucks sake get that patient back here pronto you hear me, on the damn double!” the voice yelled as the phone disconnected.

“This is going to be the end of my career,” Dan said to no one in particular.

Ashley was stumbling through the woods in her night gown. She knew if someone saw her they would either try to capture her or call the police. She knew she had to get to a safe place. The only place she could think of was to head towards the old farm house where George grew up. She knew nobody would look for her there and she also knew the house was currently abandoned. She knew she was short on time so she was trying to run as fast as she can, while constantly looking back over her shoulder to see if anyone was following her.

Suddenly she tripped and fell down into the ditch. She was picking herself up when a car flashed its lights in her direction. It must have seen her fumble as it began to slow down. Her heart was racing now. She was frantic not wanting to get caught. Then she noticed it was a cop. She began throwing rocks and sticks at the vehicle and took off running as fast as she could.

The officer flew out of the car and ran towards her. He caught up quick and tackled the woman to the ground. Stephanie twisted herself around in his arms and bit his nose. She began clawing began clawing and scratching at him, franticly trying to get loose. Tears filled her eyes and she started screaming,

“No! won’t go back you can’t make me go back! Please, let me go!” she said.

The officer restrained her and sat her down at the side of the road.

“Calm down lady, my name is Barnaby Hobbs, I’m the Elklodge County Sheriff and I’m not going to hurt you,” Hobbs said.

The woman was frantically crying now. She looked her captor over and realized he wasn’t a local cop. Something was off about him but she figured she had no choice but to trust him.

“Listen, sheriff, please you’ve got to help me. I know it looks bad but those people are doing terrible things to me. Please take me someplace safe where I can tell you my story, but we have to hurry if they find me they’re going to take me back to that awful place,” Ashley said.

Hobbs wasn’t sure what to make of this situation. It was clear she was wearing an outfit that identified her as a patient of Nely Bly mental health clinic. Yet something about her seemed a little strange. He wasn’t sure if he was prepared to pick up an escaped mental patient. He reached for his radio at his side to call for backup.

Ashley kicked his radio out of his hands.

“No don’t do that, please listen to me, they’re bad people! I am not crazy. I was framed. I am not crazy!” she said sobbing into her arms.

“Okay lady calm down. First of all why don’t you start by telling me your name,” Hobbs said.

“There isn’t time for this you stupid cop! He’s going to kill her!” Ashley said.

“Whoa wait a second, hold up, who is going to kill who?” Hobbs asked.

“We don’t have time for this, put me in your car and take me someplace safe please and I will tell you everything but we have to go quickly, they’re coming for me and I can’t go back it’s a bad place they do bad things to me.” Ashley said.

He looked over his shoulder towards his cruiser. He had a hunch he should just get her into the back of the vehicle and call the local authorities and let them deal with it. But, he was curious what she meant about someone going to kill someone.

“Okay listen, you tell me your name and get into the car and I will take you to town and we can sort this out then does that sound like a plan?” Hobbs said.

“Please, my name is Ashley, okay, and George is going to kill Molly Goldfish if we don’t hurry up!”

Hobbs perked up when he heard that name.

“What do you know about Molly Goldfish?” Hobbs asked as he grabbed the woman by her shoulders and got into her face.

“Everything. I know everything please, if you help me I will tell you everything.” she said.

Nodding in agreement the sheriff walked her to the front seat of the car.

“Get in, if you talk and aren’t dangerous then I will listen but if you try to escape I’ll put you out and take to the local police you got it lady.” Hobbs said forcefully.

“I’ll behave I promise but we have to hurry,” she said as she got into the vehicle.

Once on the road the sheriff turned to her and asked what she knew about Molly Goldfish.

“Officer, we might want to get to someplace secure with some coffee, because it’s a long story.”

Ashley said.

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