Goldfish on the Mountain Chapter 47

Chapter 47

Sheriff Hobbs knew he had to open an investigation. While it was true Hank was trespassing on that man’s property and he did have a knife drawn, the sheriff wasn’t completely convinced it was justified self-defense. He knew it should really be up to a court to make that decision not him. However he also knew Hank had been poking around for weeks pestering that man. The sheriff had gone up there looking for clues when those two campers bodies turned up. Hambly wasn’t about to close the book on that so-called “murder-suicide” either. Something was just too fishy about the whole thing.

The whole time he lived in this quite little mountain town he never once had a single murder, not anything even close to a murder. It just wasn’t the type of thing you’d expect from these parts. Yet here he had what looked like three suspicious deaths in the span of a couple of weeks. As a lawman he knew not put much weight into coincidence. Still, his gut told him otherwise.

Something just wasn’t right.

But he had nothing to go on. The coroner said the campers were an open and shut case of murder-suicide. There was nothing to suggest otherwise. He even told Hank as much when the old hermit insisted on stirring up trouble. He knew better than to dismiss his gut. He needed evidence. He looked around that cabin, the whole property that day he went up there and questioned the former doctor. He didn’t find anything out of the ordinary then either. Nothing except for that stinking goldfish bowl the man kept on his stove for whatever reason.

There was a tap on his office door. It was his deputy Jake Smith.

“Sheriff, you said to bring you anything from the crime scene that was out of the ordinary,” Smith said.

The sheriff looked up, annoyed.

“Well, did you find anything or are you just wasting my time?” the sheriff said.

“Well we found this map the victim had tucked away in his sock,” Smith said as he handed the map to the sheriff.

“So what?” Hambly replied.

“Hank was a survivalist, he kept detailed maps of the area on him at all times. This isn’t nothing new.”

The deputy unfolded the map and pointed to the space they found the body.

“Right here, it shows the cabin he was talking. It reads in red letters, just below the X,

“Who is Molly Goldfish? I figured that might be a clue” Smith said.

Hobbs grabbed the map from is deputy and examined it for himself. Sure enough there were those words scribbled onto the map beneath the X crossing out the location they found Hank snooping around.

“Sheriff, what do you suppose it means?” Smith asked.

“I don’t know Jake, but I sure as hell intend to find out,” Hobbs said. He stuffed the map into his pocket and grabbed his keys.

“Where you heading sheriff?” Smith asked.

“I’m going to go check that town where we found the doctor’s dead brother and his ex-wife. Someone around that town might know something about this,” Hobbs said.

“But sheriff, what do you intend to learn? You didn’t even work that case.” Smith said.

“No, but I read up on it when the doctor first moved up to the cabin. It was such a bloody mess I always knew if it wasn’t Hank it would be some other nut poking around if they got wind of that story. Might be something worth looking into.”

The sheriff wasn’t a detective and he wasn’t sure what it meant but something in his gut told him to dig a little deeper into this. Considering the old doctor just blasted a man full of shotgun shells for trespassing, he wasn’t exactly in the mood to go back up that way. Not yet anyways. He knew he was going to question the doctor sooner or later but he thought this was a good time to hit the road and see where it takes him.

Hobbs didn’t waste any time. He figured if he was going to get to the bottom of this he was going to need to get on top of things right away.

“Jake, I’m going out of town for a few days. I want you to watch the show while I am gone, make sure nothing gets too out of hand would ya?” Hobbs told his deputy.

“You got it boss. I’ll hold down the fort you do what you gotta do.” Smith said.

Hobbs grabbed the things he needed from the office including the map with the mysterious words on it and got into his truck. He wasn’t going to go undercover but he knew he was going to be out of jurisdiction.

He figured it would be better to get a good night’s sleep in order to hit the road fresh, but he couldn’t get any sleep with his pal Hank lying dead in a morgue.

After driving several hours, Sheriff Hobbs pulled into a diner off the side of the road. He had been here years ago helping out with another investigation that had similarities to the one he was currently working. He didn’t think the two were related but his gut told him it was a good place to start. After all, this was the town the doctor he was suspicious of grew up in. If there was going to be any clues to this mystery this was as good of a place as any to start.

Hobbs walked into the diner and took a seat at the counter. An older man, over weight and balding came up in a dirty apron to take his order.

“What can I you for copper?” the man asked wiping his nose on his apron.

“Give me whatever lunch special you got and a cup of coffee to start.” Hobbs replied.

As a seasoned officer Hobbs had been in his fair share of dives. He also knew it was these types of earthy establishments one could do the best fishing in a small town.

After a few minutes the man returned with a plate of food and a cup of coffee as requested. There wasn’t any wait staff which caught the officers attention. It was a slow time of day, but he felt compelled to bring it up.

“You run this place yourself or do you have any wait staff?” Hobbs asked the man.

“Oh well we had a couple waitress’s go missing not too long ago and since then the young ladies around town are too scared to work here. I do okay running it with my wife and I taking turns doing the cooking and my boy washes the dishes.

Looking around the sheriff thought it would be as good a time to ask about the good doctor.

He pulled out a photo of him.

“Speaking of dangerous, have you ever seen this man?” the sheriff handed the guy the photo.

He looked it up and down nodding his head and mumbling to himself.

“Mmm hmm yes sir I know Doctor Thompson. My sister lost her life on his operating table. Good man, lousy doctor I’d say. He had a track record of losing patients, especially girls. It was like since his wife died he couldn’t concentrate on saving the girls I guess.”

The sheriff, picking up on that hint he followed up his line of questioning.

“You say his wife died do you. What was that like? Was she well known in the community?”

The man looked at the officer as if to sum him up. Deciding he could trust the lawman for now he answered his question.

“She sure was. Served on all the council’s and committees around town. The whole town was hurt by her loss. Not near as much as the doc’s brother though, old George did though. I hear George took it harder than anyone else. In fact if you ask me I’d swear the two had to been having some sort of affair the way he handled her death. Lord knows how much he hated his own wife, Molly.”

Remembering the clue, Molly Goldfish, the sheriff’s eyes perked up.

“What can you tell me about her, the wife, Molly was it?” the sheriff asked.

“Oh gosh what is there to say about old Moll Goldfish, that’s what the girls around town called her. She was one of those women that was sweet on the surface but a real vixen underneath you know a hard ass bitch the way George told it,” the man said.

Suddenly Hobbs knew he was on the right track. He asked the man if he knew more about the nickname.

He told him the story about how George ditched Ashley Taylor to take Molly to the fair. He won a goldfish for the girl he was going to sneak off with and meet up once he got rid of Molly, but Molly was too possessive of George and kept the prize, and her man, for herself.

The sheriff left the diner knowing he had to find this Molly woman with her name being on that map. How would old Hank have come across that name Hobbs thought? Time to find out.

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