Goldfish on the Mountain Chapter 15

Chapter 15

Molly was awoken suddenly, without warning. It was late at night; she could tell by how dark it was in the room. He was standing in front of her. Fear swelled up in heart. It was too early for him to begin his regimen of torture, what was he doing here? She noticed that aside from her bandages, she was still completely naked.

He was placing his cold hands all over her body. She could smell something she could not immediately identify, was it some kind of lotion he was rubbing all over her body? There was a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach as she could feel the touch of his hands rubbing something into her skin. It was very sticky whatever it was, it had a sweat smell she just couldn’t identify.

She decided it wasn’t lotion, it was too oily to be a lotion maybe it was honey? She cringed at the thought of him covering her naked body in honey, what was this monster planning to do to her now? She could barely see through the slits in her bandages but it was just enough for her to notice the look on his face.

There was a distinct smell to this mystery product he was oiling her up with. She realized it was too oily to be honey. Another thing that she felt was kind of odd, although to be honest it was a relief, he was not getting it into her private regions; only her bare skin, mostly her arms and legs from what she could tell by the feeling of his touch.

Suddenly she realized what it was that he was rubbing her down with, it was peanut butter. She felt like an idiot, she was so focused on his hands all over her body she didn’t even notice the screeching sounds coming from the door way. He had trapped a couple of wild squirrels and was rubbing peanut butter all over her body; he had done this before she suddenly remembered what happens next.

He finished covering her skin with the sticky food paste and then began to sprinkle nuts over the paste. She looked like one of those cookies with the sprinkles and in a short time she was to be the main snack of she counted three wild squirrels in the cage. He finished covering his prized captive, released the animals from their cage and left the room, closing the door behind. Her screams were all in her mind, as she was still gagged at the mouth.

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