Goldfish on the Mountain Chapter 14

Chapter fourteen

The smell was getting stronger now. It had always been there the smell, a rancid odor that could make even a pig blush. To make things worse the days were getting longer now as spring had finally decided to come out of hiding. She didn’t even know where the smell was coming from just that it was nearly unbearable. She looked down and reality hit her. She was tied to a bed and that had implications she hadn’t even considered before.

Molly was not used to being awake. Her captor must have used drugs to keep her unconscious, or else it was either a combination of her intense pain or that terrible smell. This was her third day in a row of being awake for any significant amount of time; she was fighting her bodies urge to remain a sleep. She needed to be awake now more than ever as the seasons were changing, and she was starting to get her memories back.

Molly wanted nothing more than to be tough. Every day she had to resist the desire to burst into tears. She had no control over where she was or what he was doing to her, but she was not going to be a victim any longer. Molly never understood why her husband hated her so much; looking back on her life she had loved him, at first.

She knew that her husband secretly was in love with another girl and that he must have resented Molly for getting in the way. Still it was not like he didn’t have any say in it at all. He had plenty of chances to tell her how he really felt and the two might not have even been married in the first place. She was fighting back the urge to collapse into tears as the combined efforts of her pain and whatever that smell was, she was also starting to remember that night her marriage ended.

This was her third day of being fully awake. She was determined to get the most out of it. Her first day she barely had ten minutes before passing out, yesterday she almost made it a half an hour. Today she had already fought back and had been awake for nearly two hours. She was not going to let this son-of-a-bitch control her anymore.

Molly was trying desperately to look into her past memories and find some reason why her husband would arrange for this to happen to her. She didn’t even know what happened, how she got to this point. She knew they had to have drugged her or else her mind was blocking out the painful memories, because she couldn’t even remember how she got here. She remembered the video of the wood chipper, the woman who they had blind folded and soaked in Molly’s blood before feeding her head first into the wood chipper. The muffled screams of that poor woman rang fresh in her mind.

Molly knew nothing about her, other than her death was used as a decoy to throw off the police. Her husband had hatched that part of the scheme early on. She did remember the part where he cut off her ring finger, at that instant she tried to wiggle the stump and a twinge of pain shot up her left arm. She remembered all the hair he cut off her, the teeth and even flesh he scrapped from her body. He wanted the decoy to be soaked in enough of her forensic evidence that when the police watched the video and mopped up the remains of that poor, innocent woman they would think it was Molly in that video.

That was the part of the plan Molly resented the most. It was sick enough what he planned to have done to her, but that in his covering up he had to take the life of young woman whose only crime was being in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Molly let a tear soak her eye bandage, she was not sad for her condition at that moment, just thinking of what must be going in the minds of that other woman’s family, not knowing what happened to their loved one.

The pain was starting to get to her and she knew it was only a matter of time before she couldn’t take it anymore. Her fear was that if she was staying awake longer that meant she was beginning to heal. And it was when she was at full health that he would start all over again. It was a vicious cycle of torture, abuse, healing and more torture, and abuse.

Not this time. This time Molly was going to fight back no matter what. He knew how long it took for her bones to heal, for her bruises and cuts to fade. She was starting to regain her memories, the longer she stayed awake the more she would remember. As terrible as all this was, including the girl in the wood chipper, the worst part was thinking about poor Melody. That was a thought Molly would push as far from her memories as possible.

Molly was getting tired, her bowels were beginning to rumble, and she knew it was only a matter of time before she blacked out once more. There was a sound like a chainsaw outside and her heart stopped. She knew what that meant; he was cutting down the logs he would use to set her bones. It was that time of the year where he would start nursing her back to full health again so he could start all over. Just for a moment she had an image of her lovely daughter’s face flash before her eyes, and then she was unconscious again.

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