Getting into shoe shopping

Shoes. What a topic. Women are supposed to like shoes are we? I was conditioned to believe that. I always questioned the validity of it though. Growing up my dad was the one with all the different shoes not my mom. Then I began transitioning and oh snap it hit me. The shoe bug!

At first it was boots. I fell instantly into obsession with boots. To this day I still like boots I just can’t wear most of mine because they are uncomfortable and make my foot hurt too much. Still I love me a good pair of boots. 

I realized there are a lot of stereotypically female things I was never interested in until I started transitioning. Some of them were hormones I am sure like my newly found affinity for rom coms and movies that give me the feels. Then there are those that are conditional. I was conditioned to know women like to cook so I started cooking more to fit in. I suck at cooking so I reverted to TV dinners and prepared meals to save me on the headache of cleaning my kitchen all the time. 

The thing about shoes is we do need different shoes for different outfits. You don’t wanna wear tennis shoes with a formal dress likewise you wouldn’t wear combat boots to a fancy dinner or a formal dance. I love my combat boots but I only wear them occasionally. 

It took me a while to find my stride but I now know what types of shoes I like and which styles to avoid. I love shoe shopping too, especially online through Amazon. I like browsing the different styles and colors. It’s one of those things I never thought I would enjoy but here I am obsessed with footwear.

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