How I can be Pagan, witch and Christian at the same socialist time

How can I be a Pagan and a Christian at the same time? How about socialist how does that work? Doesn’t the bible say if you don’t work you don’t eat or something like that? Here we go Christianity from the perspective of a witch.

The simplest reason I can claim to be a Witch and a Christian is because I am a Christian who practices witchcraft. It’s that simple. But what about the Biblical directive to avoid witchcraft? This is easy to get around.

First there is the different practices associated with witchcraft. The bible forbids talking to demons. It talks about divination using satanic powers. It doesn’t talk about using magic in a negative way except when dealing with demons. There are plenty of examples of the disciples and their followers using magical powers in the Bible. It’s as simple as that. Magic is not forbidden what is forbidden is getting that magic from Demons. Spells are not satanic inherently just spells that delve into the dark arts.

Second there is the entire notion of the New Testament. All things are lawful. It flat out says that as long as you LOVE your neighbor as yourself that is it you are saved you did what was required and thus have fulfilled the entire law. No sin. This is the easiest way to explain away those Christians who point to verses in the Bible that list sins. It talks about evil. It is in the heart. Those lists are not if you do THESE things you go to hell. It is if you are EVIL in your heart and do these things you will burn for your sins. Evil is the key. Now it is easy to label magic evil because it gets mistaken for satanic easily. But this is not the case. There are good Witches who are in fact Christians.

OKay but you said you are also pagan. Pagan means NOT Christian doesn’t it? Well no. There is no universally accepted definition for pagan. The simplest term is anti christian. But that is not the only meaning of the word. TO some it refers to the old religion that predates Christianity. Ah ha then it is Satanic! Right? Wrong.

You see the religion wasn’t forbidden itself either. Even praying to other gods is NOT forbidden, sacrificing to them is. That is all. You can pray to whichever entity you prefer as long as you don’t make idols and sacrifices to that entity.

What I mean when I say I am pagan is I practice some of the traditions of the ancients. That is all. I like to follow the Wheel of the Year. This is mostly pagan but also Wiccan in origin. I don’t worship false gods. I sometimes pray to them for guidance. Just like when I perform magic I don’t get my power from devils I get it from angels and nature. Using nature is not forbidden, otherwise science would be a sin and oops in that scenario electricity is satanic, sounds Amish to me.

What about socialist? Doesn’t the Bible say if you don’t work you don’t eat? SO what? It also says to give to the poor. It also says they sold all their possessions and shared in the wealth equally. Those are guidelines not rules. Remember the rule is love your neighbor and love God. That is all everything else is permitted. In a way. Obviously evil is not permitted but acts are not inherently evil thus deeds are not inherently sinful.

Now for the kicker. Even if I do sin, which I DO we all do. I just ask for forgiveness and I am cleansed. Sometimes I feel the need to attend the Sacrament of Reconciliation if I feel my sins are extra egregious but for the most part the standard confession is enough. There you have it a simple explanation how I can be pagan, witch, and socialist while still believing in Jesus as my Christ and Savior!

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