25 Sci Fi horror movies worth your time

Science fiction often overlaps with horror in a lot of interesting ways. Sometimes a movie is more sci fi than horror but it still has horror elements. Other times it could look like science fiction but is straight up horror. Here are 25 science fiction movies that should satiate a horror buff!

1. Event Horizon

A sci fi thriller set in space.

2. Leprechaun in Space

A Just for fun sequel that will offer a new take on a tired franchise.

3. Killer Klowns From Outerspace

A fun romp that has some good scares.

4. Critters

A movie about alien monsters that could be mistaken for science fiction action.

5. Hellraiser 4

Set in the future it’s hell but in space.

6. Jason X

Jason goes to space.

7. Sphere

A psychological thriller that takes place under the ocean.

8. Jurassic Park

A great monster movie.

9. Alien

A slasher movie dressed up in science fiction clothes.

10. Alien 3

A good monster movie sequel to a great classic.

11. Ghost in the Machine

A cheap knock off of Lawnmower Man…

12. Lawnmower Man

A virtual reality game turns a simpleton into a monster.

13. Shocker

A serial killer gets superpowers.

14. Wishmaster

A demon grants wishes. More fantasy than sci fi but it has elements.

15. Christine

A possessed killer classic car that kills people!

16. The Langoliers

A sci fi thriller set in a time locked airport.

17. Tremors

The greatest monster movie ever made.

18. The Faculty

A slasher film in the style of Invasion of the Body Snatchers

19. Species

A sexy alien that breeds people to death.

20. Resident Evil

A sci fi action horror zombie power trip!

21. Pitch Black

Gremlins, in space!

22. I Am Legend

A zombie movie with a twist.

23. Leviathan

Monsters under the ocean.

24. Chopping Mall

Short Circuit turned into a killer robot!

25. The Thing (1982)

A Gory fest for the ages~

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