25 Horror movies that aren’t slashers

If you are looking for a good horror movie to watch but are tired of slasher flicks? Here is a list for you~

1. Dawn of the Dead

Just the goriest zombie movie ever made.

2. Phantasm

A supernatural/sci-fi thriller that is more about messing with the viewer than it is the kills.

3. FunHouse

It’s nearly a slasher but a total thriller nonetheless. This movie is about kids that find themselves trapped in a terrible murder house dressed up like a carnival.

4. Shocker

Not a great film but a fun ride. A serial killer gets super powers.

5. 976-EVIL

A nerd makes a deal with the devil and gains evil powers he uses to get revenge on his bullies.

6. House

A haunted house movie about a novelist trapped in a nightmare house reliving his horrors from the past.

7. Fright Night

Just the best vampire movie you will ever see~

8. Amityville Horror

A classic haunted house movie about a serial killer who’s ghost haunts a family in New England.

9. The Faculty

Not technically a slasher but a sci fi thriller in the vain of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

10. Species

She is an alien. She is a monster. She is a horny mother trying to get laid. She is also a murderer. She is also just a child.

11. Mimic

A horror/thriller about sentient insects that turn into killers.

12. Event Horizon

A phycological horror movie set in space.

13. Sphere

Event Horizon but under the ocean.

14. Critters 2

A fun monster flick about creatures that eat people.

15. Day of the Dead

Only the greatest zombie movie ever made.

16.  Evil Dead

A group of teenagers opens a doorway to hell unleashing demons along the way. What could go wrong?

17. Interview With The Vampire

A vampire movie that will make you sympathize with a monster.

18. Phantasm 2

The best sequel to a horror movie ever.

19. Halloween 3 Season of the Witch

A terrible movie worth watching just for the laughs.

20. Fear Street

Holy. Shit! Scary. Modern. Refreshing! Gory as all hell!

21. The Babysitter

Almost a slasher but it still counts. Consider it a slasher in reverse though. This time the teenagers are the murderers. But it’s also a psycho cult.

22. Army of Darkness

A sort of sequel to Evil Dead 2 but also a wild action adventure horror D&D esque fantasy!

23. Se7en

The best serial killer thriller ever made. A detective caught in the act!

24. Frailty

A cultist who thinks he is doing the will of God by killing demons disguised as humans.

25. Ginger Snaps

One day I will write a whole review of this movie. In the meantime all you need to know is this is the greatest werewolf movie I have ever seen.

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