What the Transformers Autobot Blaster meant to me and why he remains important to this day

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Blaster was a Generation One Transformers action figure that turned into a radical “ghetto blaster” boom box stereo. Like his Decepticon counterpart, Soundwave, he accommodated small robots that transformed into micro cassettes. (Photo by Stephanie Bri)

Blaster is one of those Transformers I wanted really bad when I was a kid. Between him and Soundwave I was really into the whole concept of them turning into a tape deck that could house transforming tapes. I thought it was the coolest gimmick back then. I was finally able to get my hands on a Blaster action figure when I was in 6th grade. I remember trading a bunch of G.I. Joe and TMNT toys I never played with for him along with a few other pieces of Transformers. I was super happy to finally have one.

My memories of that particular Blaster were short lived not to mention somewhat tainted. I don’t remember exactly what happened to him. If memory serves me correctly I think I traded him and other toys for Sega Genesis carts, but I can’t be too certain of that. What I am certain of is the joy I felt for the brief period of time I owned one of those figures.

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Blaster stands tall for an Autobot. At nearly 8 inches in height he towers over the vast majority of other Transformers figures released around the same time. (Photo by Stephanie Bri)

I didn’t own a lot of Transformers when they were new. Even as a kid I bought or obtained most of my toys second hand. Usually I would get toys via trades with other kids or else whatever I came across at thrift stores. – Stephanie Bri

When I was growing up I was really into Transformers more than anything else. Even as obsessed as I eventually became with Star Wars, I was doubly interested in Transformers. I was always on the hunt for a new toy. I didn’t even care if it was just broken piece of a figure as long as I got more toys to add to my miniscule collection. I didn’t own a lot of Transformers when they were new. Even as a kid I bought or obtained most of my toys second hand. Usually I would get toys via trades with other kids or else whatever I came across at thrift stores.

Blaster was the first cassette type Transformer I ever owned. For that reason alone this toy holds a special place in my heart. Like the one from my childhood I bought this one used in well played with condition. I often buy my toys as cheap as I can but going for the ones that were well used by their previous owners. Since I fully intend to play with my toys even as an adult I don’t mind buying them in that state.

Blaster, like his Decepticon opposite Soundwave, remains among the toys I spend the most time paying with. As a former DJ and broadcast journalism major with an affinity for radio these two robots appeal to me on multiple levels. I can’t really describe how significant this exact toy is to me. It’s more than an action figure to me, it was a symbol of the creative freedom I learned to express through music.

When I was a kid I took my toys with me everywhere. They were my friends. I even took them to school in a duffle bag as well as on field trips. I distinctly remember one such field trip I went on with a church group where I sat upstairs by myself playing with my toys instead of joining the other kids. I remember one of the girls noticed I was alone so she came over and asked if she could play with me and my toys. I said yes reluctantly. I told her the names of all my robots. The one I held onto the most tightly was Blaster. I didn’t mind sharing my other toys except him. He was special to me.

To this day this is the third Blaster Action figure I have ever owned. Accordingly I have never owned one with a functioning tape deck mechanism nor complete with all it’s weapons and accessories. I don’t care. I just love the figure. He isn’t a piece of plastic to me. He is a childhood friend who has remained loyal to me all these years. I love him the same as my real life friends.

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