Introducing the All Star Toy Wrestling Show

I fell in love with toys when I was a kid. I have been a toy collector basically my entire life. I have dabbled in professional wrestling off and on throughout this entire time. It was only natural I combined to two into a YouTube series. Unlike some shows that are toy collectors reviewing their toys I wanted to make a show about a toy enthusiast playing with her toys.

The purpose of the show is to share my love of toys, story-telling and wrestling with YouTube. I intend to make this an on going series.

Here is how it will work. Every month I will write a series of matches. I will produce the individual matches as short YouTube videos. I will upload the single matches as YouTube videos. Then I will record a series of promos and a Main Event title match. The ME and promos will be edited together with the individual matches in a Pay Per View style spectacular video. That video will be available exclusively to Patreon supporters. Then after some time has passed, to be determined later, the Main Event will be uploaded to YouTube as a separate public video for all to enjoy.

I will try to produce one series of videos a month. This way all the shorter, storyline videos will build up to the PPV. This will mimic a real pro wrestling show while providing an authentic experience. It will feature toys from the entire range of my collection.

This idea came to me slowly as I developed a series of one off videos of toy wrestling matches. I have been craving a toy related show similar to this for a long time. I could do stop motion as there are plenty of stop motion toy shows on YouTube. But this felt fresher, more authentic and simpler. In a word this felt more raw to put it bluntly. I wanted something that feels like natural toy play. This series will feature wrestlers from all different toy lines from my collection. It will include a Women’s division, men’s division, robot division and a Titan’s Division.

Titles will include Intergalactic Champion, Men’s Champion, Women’s Champion, Robot Champion, Men’s Tag Team, Women’s Tag Team, Robot Tag Team, and it will include one off matches. I do not currently have individual belts for all the wrestlers but I am working out a way to create them in due time. For now I plan on just having fun with it. This is the type of YouTube content I have been dying to see for a long time. Like so many other content creators I figured I would create the show I wanted to watch to fill a hole in the market.

I hope this show takes off. I love toys. I love wrestling and I love making videos. Combining all of them into a single product is going to be epic fun.

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