The new Trans gender only Talk show for TV I am making right now!

Every once in a while opportunities come knocking on the door. Rarer still are the times when I have to make up my own job and make something happen out of nothing. This is one of those opportunities.

Right now I am facing a cross roads. I lost my job yet again. I don’t want to dwell on that so I pick myself up and I move on. I was given a gift of bipolar disorder. This means once in a while I push past the depression and swing wide into manic. That is when I do my best creative work. Times like this is when I can move the sun just by talking it to death.

Many times over the years I have set out to start a project that was half baked only to watch it fail. I started my record studio as a Christian Rap label, mid-through the recording of my first album decided to open it up to just an underground hip hop studio and by the time I went out of business I had shifted my focus to making techno music. I had no plan. I had no focus. I had no choice but to fail.

I have done this many times before. This is different. This is not a half baked idea. It is a work in progress for sure but this is something I am actually trained to do. I have produced Live TV before in many forms. Mostly news. But I have also produced two TV shows that aired on broadcast TV that were NOT news. One was a local talk show similar to what I am picturing, the other was an agriculture focused-show that felt more like E.T. for farmers. The point is I have a broadcasting degree with actual legit experience producing TV shows over the air. I can do this.

What is the catch? Why now? Who is this for? What will it costs? How does this make money?

These are all questions I need to ask. The catch is simple. I want to make a talk show for YouTube, but for trans people. It’s that simple. Imagine a show similar to Ellen, The View, Today, Last Week Tonight, etc., where you have a host sitting at a desk talking about issues and bringing on guests at a couch like a regular TV show. It’s that but with a twist, it’s all Trans gender. 100 percent trans issues.

Why now? Because life gave me free time and I need to hustle to get something going fast. This is it. Now is the time for me to make this happen. This is for trans people. and the best part is it won’t cost me anything to produce, not off the bat. I have all the equipment, skills and space ready to go. I will use YouTube to release it because free, and I will draw upon the highly talented and super motivated Trans Community all over Trans Twitter to help me get the word out. It makes money the same as any TV show, sponsors but also Patreon because YouTube.

I am going to take everything I learned working in the professional broadcast TV space, combine it with everything I learned dabbling in the internet streaming space and put my trans twist on it. That is what I am doing. This is my world now. This has to succeed. This has to happen. This has to get off the ground and I am going to hustle my ass to make sure it works.

What can you do? First if you are trans SHARE this article so people know what I am doing. If you wanna contribute funds to make this possible send me money via cashapp to stephaniebri22 or paypal If you want to support the show I will have a Patreon devoted just for it, for now go to to get started.

I will keep doing the podcast. I will keep writing in the blog. I will keep tweeting. This is going to be my job. This is going to be my career. Not a side project. Not a thing I do until work comes along. This is it. I am going to make this a reality. I want this to work. I want this to be my entire life going forward. I cannot do it alone.

What I want to do is quite simple. I want produce a 30-60 minute TV show that will air on YouTube 5 days a week. A weekly talk show. I will sit at a desk and discuss trans issues. I will interview guests. I will spotlight trans folks doing amazing trans things. I will bring on ally’s to discuss the work they do. I will highlight charities and non profit organizations out there working to make the world better for trans people. I will give a platform to transgender artists, musical talents, creators, writers, etc., to come and discuss their work. It will be a real TV show for trans people you watch on YouTube.

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