How you can help this site grow with a small contribution to my Patreon campaign

You notice something about my website you don’t see on other websites? Let me help you out, there are no ads. I pledged to keep my websites ad free from the beginning. The only websites I have ever ran ads on where the ones I didn’t have full control over. I do this for the love of it not for the money.

Here’s why I bring this up. I don’t get paid to write articles. I get up at 5 am every morning Monday through Friday to write an article. I try to write something relevant to Trans people or something personal about my life, which consequently includes my trans experience. Sometimes I’ll dabble in a fun what if type topic or movie discussion but the point is I do this every day. I don’t paid for it. I don’t run ads, and I likely never will. I will accept sponsorships but that’s something I can have more control over.

Right now I am asking for your support. I am doing this because I am low on funds. I currently pledge two Patreon accounts. I also give blood every other month as they let me. Between that and sharing everyone else’s gofundme’s which I try to contribute, I am spread pretty thin these days.

I can’t offer you much in the way of bonus content right now but if you do goto my Patreon page, found here: you can sign up for three different tiers.

The base tier is $2 a month. At this level you get access to my weekly podcast a few days early. Public episodes air on Wednesdays at noon central time. Patrons get it on Sunday as soon as I can get it uploaded. You can also vote in a poll to help me pick a topic for a fun game I play at the end of the show. I might also write bonus patron exclusive content for the Patreon blog.

The second tier is $3 a month. At this level you can get everything from tier 1 plus a full, unedited video of the podcast with bumpers between segments. This tier is the one that helps me out the most.

If you wanna meet with me face-to-face once a month you can sign up for the $4 tier and get access to a monthly zoom hangout in addition to everything else mentioned above.

If you just wanna support my writing but aren’t interested in the podcast content that is understandable. If you want to pledge at whichever tier you feel comfortable with to help me out, that’s great! I’d appreciate it tremendously.

I hope to have more bonus content in the future. For now I want to make a pledge of my own. I will continue to get up early every morning so I can write something for you, the readers. I will commit to recording my podcast on time barring unforeseen life events, each week.

I do have a job. I am trying to get a second one. I am struggling to pay bills, with medical expenses and of course transitioning costs. My insurance does not help with anything. My job does not offer benefits because I am through a temp agency. It’s tough right now. I am not asking for a ton of money just if you can help with a small pledge. Even the $2 a month pledge helps. Every little bit will take some of the burden off me. Right now I have two wonderful Patrons who support my content. I am super grateful for both of them. Thank you each for helping out. What I can say is the amount they’ve pledged doesn’t even match what I give to two other trans creators, one you all know very well, so I could use a little more love y’all.

I don’t like asking for money. I am taking down my gofundme because I am going to find another way to get my surgery covered. One thing I can do is create content for your pleasure. I hope that you enjoy my writings, videos, or my podcasts enough to help me out.

As of right now I am feeling much better about the way things are going. With your help and support I can get where I need to go. Remember I will keep fighting for your rights ever chance I get. Thanks and stay cool.

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Stephanie Bri

A transgender writer who also does podcasts and videos. If you like my writing please consider helping me survive. You can support me directly by giving money to my paypal: If you prefer CashApp my handle is @Stephaniebri22. Also feel free to donate to my Patreon. I know it's largely podcast-centric but every little bit helps. Find it by going to, Thank you.