Why I believe we can do better to save the trees, and our planet too

Save the trees. It’s like a calling card for the far left and a rallying cry for the radical right. Somehow protecting our environment we depend on has become politicized. Of course that’s because those in power profit off raping our planet thus they need support of the masses to continue their plunder. But we could be doing so much more.

Earlier this summer I took a visit to my nephews wedding in northern Idaho. It was beautiful beyond words. I plan on sharing a photo gallery in the very near future. I can’t describe how majestic those magnificent trees were. It got me to thinking about how we were destroying this planet, and what we could do more of to try to help out.

Even though I end up killing most plants I bring into my home I keep trying. I do this because I want to have more plants around me. It’s good for the environment. It’s good for my peace of mind. There is also the added benefit of them helping keep the air around me clean and fresh without spending money on environmentally unfriendly air purifiers.

One thing we can do is plant more trees around us. I know it sounds radical plant trees. I know it also sounds expensive. But really it isn’t that hard to do. Not everyone has land to plant on. Not everyone has access to city parks to plant on either. So what can we do? One thing we can do is going to sound radical but I think it is high time we start getting radical on protecting our planet.

I used to live in small towns most of my life. One reason I despised going to the city and thus dreaded moving there was seeing all the pavement we poured over the grass, all the buildings we cut down trees to build. We try to plant trees in cities but we trim them, cut them to look neat while reducing their effectiveness. But in small towns there’s plenty of places to open trees.

The radical end of my though is we ban people form loving in dead towns. If a town has a population fewer than 1000 people the federal government needs to disban it. Force the citizens against their will to relocate. Not unlike what we did with the natives when we needed to build the railroad, or our cities, or just to be dicks about it. Time to employ that strong arm for a good cause methinks.

Why depopulate small towns? Because one they are a massive economic and resource drain. Think about it. A town with say 300 people, only a third are adults statistically speaking means that city is not generating enough tax revenue to support itself. It is draining the state, federal, and county government depending on grants and other forms of funding to remain afloat to support those people. It also has the negative side effect of housing. One reason so many lament the argument of a housing shortage in our country is we don’t have a shortage there are plenty of empty homes in good supply. They just aren’t easily accessible.

How we benefit by pushing people out of these tiny rural communities into the larger but still small towns around them is multifaceted. We reduce waste by doing this. We can reduce the burden on our power grid tremendously by disconnecting all those lines that drain power to communities that aren’t self sufficient. Also think of all the expenses on waste water.

There is a more pressing and immediate benefit we also gain. We can reclaim those unused, empty houses. We can move the houses to the near by cities or demolish them. Reclaiming the land we are free to plant more trees and provide more wilderness for our wildlife. We can provide more trees to help scrub the toxins out of the air so we can breath and mitigate or slow down global climate change.

If you live in a rural area and can plant more trees please do so. Saving our planet from destruction should not be a political talking point. Heck it shouldn’t be controversial. If all of humanity were united on saving the planet we’d get it done in a matter of weeks not watch it slowly wither and die right before our very eyes.

I am not a politician but I think this is a good idea. If we can move all those people that are spread out in those rural areas that drain our resources elsewhere we can tighten things up and maybe open the eyes of the people who are blinding my their surroundings. If you live in a country town surrounded by trees and empty homes naturally you fail to grasp the nature of our reality. It doesn’t sink in because you aren’t impacted by it directly even though your lifestyle is actually making it worse by straining the resources of those around you.

I am not saying we can’t have small towns nor let people live out in the countryside. What I am saying is if we have a town that can’t support itself we kill it and find a more productive use for the land. Or we could wait for Walmart to bulldoze them and turn all our trees into parking lots.

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