The missing horror Story has finally been found?

When I went to college my goal was to become a filmmaker. It was a broad goal I wasn’t trying to become an Oscar winner or a celebrity even just a storyteller. I spent the last seven years of my life telling stories for a living. I’ve been a writer for newspapers and TV stations as well as my blog here that you are probably reading. That’s not to say I haven’t had greater ambitions I’ve always wanted to write horror stories either books, movies, short stories, or video games for that matter.

I recently as in last summer finished my first thriller novel. No not reading writing. I wrote a book called goldfish on the mountain. I’ve had other ideas in my mind and thought how I would love to write the script for low-budget slasher movie and then gather the resources to make that a reality.

Every time I find myself in a rut if you will I usually find myself in the most creative and most ambitious mode of my life it’s easy to be motivated when you have nothing going on at least for me.

I can’t say I’ve read a ton of horror books but I’ve read quite a few enough that I have an appreciation for the genre. But I’ve seen more than my fair share of horror movies and I’m even dabbled in video games primarily the Castlevania franchise also Resident Evil and a few others sprinkled throughout. But I always come back to movies.

One of the reasons why I started the spider’s Lair YouTube channel was so that I could talk about horror movies. But also as a way for me to showcase the short films that I make as an aspiring horror filmmaker. And so that’s my next project. I want to make a short movie probably no more than 20 minutes in length. A Horror Story a complete story start to finish. That’s what I want to work on.

I don’t know what the path looks like but it’s something I want to pursue.

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