POEM: A dream in the park

In the middle of the park there sits a tree as tall as the sky

A squirrel climbs down the side of the tree to the nut that caught its eye

It rests Atop The back of the bench that was built around the tree

It smells the perfume from the woman sitting there a baby on her knee

The mother feeds her infant child as she watches the other kids play

A smile creeps upon her face as she sits and enjoys this beautiful day

The sun shines bright no clouds up high a Sun Ray kisses her cheek

A perfect day she thinks to end the perfect week

laughter rises from the swings where her daughter is flying high

That single laugh rises above where it’s heard by a bird up in the sky

The bird flies down and rest its feet on the monkey bars below

It Returns that laughter with a song of its own it proudly begins to bellow

A little girl smiles at the bird as she hangs upside down from those very monkey bars

She enjoys the sounds as the birds song drowns out the passing cars

She runs over to her brother who is playing over at the jungle gym

She slaps his back and says tag you’re it and begins to run away from him

He stops his game and shifts his play to give his sister Chase

He runs around the field after her with a smile upon his face

She trips and falls and lands in the sandbox where another stands

She abandons her game of tag to sit and make a castle in the sand

Her play does not come to an end instead she sits and makes a friend

They laugh and giggle as they lob sand at one another

The girl has all but forgotten the game of tag she started with her brother

The mother blows her whistle and the kids come running to her voice

It’s time to eat she says as they are given a simple choice

Would you prefer bologna or PB&J she asks each of her hungry offspring

She savors every smile on their faces that this day did bring

It’s nut now gone the squirrel climbs back up the tree to its home

The squirrel smiled in its nest for it new it was not alone

That tree stood tall for several years and many kids came and went

And each one new time at that Park was always time well spent

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Stephanie Bri

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