POEM: A drink of sand dries the heart

I drank the sand to quench my thirst, it tasted like hope under my tongue

I heard a scratching behind my ear whispering to drink some more

The Sun burned bright and yet it felt so cold beneath my feet

I wondered how I got here I wondered where I should go

I checked my watch and saw that it was time for me to eat

I picked up a rock I took a lick and thought this’ll do

I imagined that it was a fresh tomato picked from the garden this

very morning

I took another sip of sand and let the wind blow across my face

There was no cloud in the sky to save me with its soothing shade

I even cursed the rain that never came to heal me from my pain

My heart beat ever slower as I pondered how this all came to be

I felt so hopeless and alone as I recalled the words she spoke to me that Dreadful morning

The scratching behind my ear told me the time was near so I closed my eyes

All I heard was Wailing of those I loved most as they closed the lid

I took another sip of sand before I fell asleep

Published by

Stephanie Bri

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