POEM: A mothers love letter to her future child

I haven’t met you yet but my love for you is true.

I know I will make it right in everything I do.

I’ll take you to the park and push you on the swing.

And share a lullaby with you everyday I will sing.

I’ll be at the field to watch every sport you play.

Kiss you on the forehead say I love you everyday.

I’ll hold you when you’re sick and care for you when you cry

And when your heart is broken I’ll be there to wipe the tears from your eye

I’ll give you hugs and kisses everyday as I watch you grow.

I’ll even take you to the mountain to play in the winter snow.

I’ll cheer when you succeed and I’ll cry whenever you bleed

But I’ll be there everyday to meet your every need.

I’ll cherish every grade you get on the work you do at school.

I’ll even teach you how to swim when we go to the pool.

We’ll go fishing on the weekend and church every Sunday.

We’ll go camping in the summer and make everyday a fun day.

I’ll teach you how to tie your shoes how to jump rope at the park.

I’ll even get you your own night light if you’re scared of the dark.

I will never leave you I’ll be there every day that you need me.

I’ll forget about the sorrow from which you came and freed me.

I haven’t met you yet but I love you just the same.

My tears do drip down my cheek like a summer rain.

As I wait for you to come give meaning to my world.

I long for all the smiles that we’ll share as we grow old.

I haven’t met you yet so I wait for you to find me.

I’ll give you all my love I’m put my empty life behind me.

So I write this letter here one person to another.

Sealed with love my future kid from your future mother.

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Stephanie Bri

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