New Year, new me~ going to first ever Drag show this week!

This here has seen a lot of firsts for me as I began  my public journey to becoming the woman I was always destined to become.

I am not going to recount all the milestones I have achieved this year instead I will focus on the next one that is fast approaching. This Friday I plan on attending my first ever drag show. This is kind of a big deal for me.

I remember the first time I noticed a man on TV dressed like a woman was while my parents were introducing me to the TV sitcom MASH. I never liked the show all that much to be honest but I found it intriguing.

Of course over the years I have learned to explore my feminine side and now that I am finally at a point where I can do that publicly I am very excited to attend a drag show.

Recently I reconnected with some old friends of mine informing them of my transition. One of them told me about a show on HBO that featured a drag show in my very hometown and her cousin was featured as one of the subjects of the show. It was pretty neat.

Now I have encountered some transwomen online who have an aversion to drag. Myself I find it something I am drawn to. Not that I would ever become a drag queen or do drag shows but I would like to become more involved in the scene in any way possible.

Much like going to my first Pride event woke things up in me I had suppressed far too long, I fully anticipate I will have a life-changing experience at this show. For now I am going to focus on the positive which is the excitement bubbling over. I will report back, with pics~, after I experience the event. For now, Stay Cool.

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