The significance of the Gobots franchise

So I was born in 1982 exactly 38 years ago from today. One year after I was born Tonka released their toy line called the Gobots. A few months later the cartoon by Hanna Barbera came out to help sell the toys it was called challenge of the Gobots. And then a short. After that Hasbro and Marvel teamed up to produce the Transformers cartoon, comics and toy line. Needless to say I fell instantly in love with both properties and I’m one of the few who didn’t actually pick a favorite until I was forced to.

It’s easy to say Transformers defeated GoBots and everybody likes to talk about how Transformers wouldn’t have even been popular if GoBots hadn’t come along before it but I don’t want to talk about those arguments I just want to talk about the toys and the cartoon that’s it just how great they are.

I didn’t have a lot of GoBots as a kid but I love watching the cartoon every chance I got I didn’t care that it wasn’t is so-called serious has the Transformers cartoon cuz it actually was to be honest but I liked it for what it was and I enjoyed it it was a little goofier but I still thought it was a good cartoon and I still cared about what was going on each episode. Now I recently found the battle of the rock Lords movie online and watched it reigniting my interest in the Gobots cartoon so much so that when my parents sent me a gift card on Amazon for my birthday I decided to use the funds to buy the complete set the show on DVD. And I’m very much looking forward to watching those DVDs and revisiting the forgotton transforming robot show from my childhood.

The first GoBots toy I ever got was Deluxe Gobot Baron von Joy. It was a silver car in the same body style as Transformers Autobot Jazz. Later on I ended up getting Dozer which was one of the basic Gobots and that’s it from my childhood those were the only GoBots toys I ever owned all my other transformable robot toys or Hasbro Transformers with a few knockoffs and McDonalds changeables thrown in the mix for good measure.

But that wasn’t my only exposure to GoBots toys fortunately. I had a friend who had a big GoBots collection he even had the deluxe super Gobots stocks with the car carrier trailer. And he had all of the combiner sets. I was very envious of his GoBots collection.

Even years later as an adult Transformer collector I shied away from buying GoBots ways it wasn’t until I walked into a strange little hobby / antique store out at the lake of all places where I came across this weird plastic cap gun with a GoBots sticker on it that I later found out was called Rogun. That reignited my previous curiosity of the toys and so I went on eBay and bought a few most of which I have since then given to my nieces and nephews who was fascinated by the GoBots story.

Now I have started my own collection this time as a die-hard collector I’m buying more toys than ever before and so I decided to focus my concentration on getting comprehensive GoBots set. As I have started doing so I have rekindled my love for the toys discovering that they are actually quite well made and very neat and enjoyable to hold behold and to play with.

Even though I didn’t have Gobots as a kid at least not very many of the toys I did watch the cartoon and so I did what any kid would do in that situation I used my imagination and had my Transformers standing as GoBots that’s right I would take my Transformers toys renamed them to GoBots characters and play with them as such. I had a gold bug that I used as a stand-in for scooter and I had a blitz swing that I used as a stand-in for tank whatever his name was and I had a silver Bolt that I used as a stand-in for leader one and I had other Transformers that stood in for whichever GoBots toy it was that I needed for that play session to play along with the episode I was watching which was how I played with my toys.

I honestly don’t remember very much about the cartoon itself. I bought the mini series on DVD a while back and watched it with my nieces and nephews but even that didn’t really jog my memory too much. I’m sure someone somewhere along the way is going to throw words like midlife crisis and other concepts of getting older out there at my Direction but I don’t care I’ve been wanting to have a GoBots collection ever since I was a kid and that’s what I’m doing now I’m immersing myself and that world that I so desperately longed for as a child.

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