Snoochie Boochies reboot! Once upon Hollywood, Nintendo woes, and more rock band controversy

I declared the greatest rock band of the 80s and the same for the 90s. I’ve revisited this topic before. I’m getting closer to making my declaration absolutely final.

Jay and Silent Bob are making another Blunt Man and Chronic movie. I am super excited to see this trash. 

The dude who makes popular trash, such as Pulp Fiction and From Dusk Till Dawn is making a new movie I might be interested in.

Nintendo did something kinda noteworthy and I talked about it briefly. In a respectable tone this time.

I revised my stance on classic console generations. I am still stuck on one thing.

Nicole is sitting pretty on Big Brother. She just had a shitty week turned great with a nice backdoor turned blindside. 

I also asked a question about books and stuff.

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