The Dark Web Daily Show- Wednesday July 4, 2018 INDEPENDENCE DAY

Enjoy, patriots. In this episode I return to a more traditional format. I am going to shorten the weekday episodes to around 45 minutes and give up on the boring FCC bullshit. I’m doing a podcast not a radio show so fuck it right?

Music topic is the band U2. I talk about how I discovered their music and what it means to me. Since it’s Independence Day I talked about a patriotic movie I remebered going to the theater with my parents to see. Michael Bay’s WWII blockbuster Pearl Harbor. The video game memories topic was Contra for the N.E.S. (En Ee Es not nes) I also rant about the younguns on the internet who called it the ness. I hate that it sounds so disgusting in my throat.

I also ditch the news format and get back to a strictly opinionated show. I do plan on tackling some political topics now that I am unchained. The political landscape in the U.S. is unhinged so I might as well take the muzzle off and join the crowd. Expect more angry rants than ever before. The show is called The Dark Web afterall, expect a seedier show from now on. Thanks for listening and those who are easiliy offended please fuck off and listen to NPR.

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Welcome to The Dark Web, Where Chaos resides.

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Stephanie Bri

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