Dark Web Daily Show- Friday June 18, 2018 New US Military branch Space Force, Netflix hiring Nerds, and more


Welcome to another Monday episode of The Dark Web Daily Show for Monday, June 18, 2018. This episode is another Monday. Fighting off the Monday blues, not enough sleep, so my voice isn’t all that strong today, sorry.

The episode has some good topics though. I get into the breaking news this morning of Donald Trump instructing the Pentagon to create a new branch of the U.S. Military, a Space Force. Some other headlines discussed include Netflix hiring ‘Nerds’, Yahoo Instant Messenger finaly shutting down, and Facebook still trying to get into local news.

Music today is the motion picture soundtrack to the iconic 80’s film Top Gun. Movie discussion is Jurassic World 2 my thoughts on the previous films and growing interest in possibly seeing this movie in theaters maybe.

Video game memories center around 80’s arcade/Atari 2600 classic Moon Patrol.

This marks the first episode of week 2 of the reformatted Dark Web Daily Show. I am hoping to keep this going for the next few weeks while I decide how it will work out. Thanks to everyone who has listened so far, please consider subscribing so you don’t miss an episode and be sure to leave a comment.

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