The Dark Web Podcast 28- E3 thoughts, Father’s Day tribute to my dad, and ranting about Wii U ports to Switch again

Here you go internet, a special Father’s Day look at the man who made me. His name is Harley and he has worked hard his entire life. Tribute inside (oh and BTW he’s still a live so don’t worry)

I take on the annoying Nintendo fans who continue to defend porting Wii U games to Switch as proof of support. Newsflash, using games that weren’t good enough to sell the Wii U to appease Switch fans is not the best. Are ports bad, no and some of these were good games, but falling into the trap of saying they are “new to you” when first, not so I had a Wii U, and that’s a lame Nintendo fanboy argument they tried whenever a 5 year old game gets ported to their console and feign excitment over it. Not me. If I already played  a game on Playstation 4, 5, 7 or more years ago, hell no I am not going to get excited that game is coming to a Nintendo console. If Nintendo could get thier shit together they’d have those games when they get released the same time as everyone else.


I dig through all the good news of E3 and push past the news that doesn’t interest me. Nothing of note from Xbox and Sony’s got remakes, yawn. The best of E3 was Smash Ultimate and Super Mario Party.


I try to find a reason to even care a new Halloween film is coming but as I analyze the previous films and compare them to the infinitely superior Friday the 13th series I lose interest. I don’t think it counts as a boycott when you say a movie just doesn’t interest you. So I take a stand I won’t see the new one. Hey to be fair I only just watched the previous films last year so I can honestly say Halloween is NOT my franchise. Sorry fanboys it’s not for me. I’ll take Jason or Freddy over whatshisname anyday. I guess ever since Austin Powers I can’t find a killer named Michael Myers scary. Especially when he walks around wearing a Willia Shatner mask. Sorry, not sorry it’t not for me.


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