The Dark Web podcast 18- MOre 90’s sitcom revivals? Thor Raganrok and thoughts on Hip-Hop music

This episode runs a little longer than normal, made it al the way to the 2-hour mark this time. I hope this level of content is more appealing since I got a little more personal towards the end.

I talked about Thor Ragnarok, Stranger Things, and Men in Black 3. Music topics include Abba getting back together, Kanye West and a story of how I got into rap music.

TV topics this week include my brief thoughts on the most current episode of Roseanne, then a list of TV sitcoms that could potentially be brought back mostly from the 80’s and 90’s with my logic as to why each would or wouldn’t work.

I briefly got a little political as I shared my thoughts on the North Korea situation. I also rant a little, as I often do, about what bothers me about people not being left alone to just live their lives how they see fit. I also share a secret from my childhood.

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