Goldfish on the Mountain Chapter 29

Chapter 29

There was a pile of papers stacked up as tall as his computer monitor. Sheriff Hobbs was falling behind on his paper work. He poured a cup of coffee and sat down at his desk. He was having some trouble with this case.

The evidence all pointed to a jealous boyfriend finding out his girl was cheating on him, and in a fit of rage killed the girl, and then took his life when the reality of the situation sunk in. All the physical evidence pointed towards that same scenario. Still Hobbs had a gut feeling something else had happened that night. He worked for an under-funded agency and he knew that if this case got handed over to the feds it would be lost money for his department. Still he couldn’t let it go unresolved; he had to do some digging. In order to keep it local he had to rule it a murder-suicide. He knew that even with a preliminary finding if he dug anything up that proved otherwise it would be bad for his career.

Hobbs wasn’t exactly the greatest Sheriff of all time. He only got this job because he was rejected from working at a real precinct and this was the best job he could get. What made Hobbs such a lousy detective was he never could understand motive. He knew that if this was an open and shut case then everything was nice and neat. Sure there was the matter of those odd footprints that didn’t quite match up, but those could be explained any number of logical ways, couldn’t they?

Deep down inside he knew there was more to this case than what he put on the report. The problem was without any evidence, no motive, suspect, or manpower to conduct a proper investigation, there was a good chance it would be turned over to the Feds. If there was one thing he hated above all it was losing jurisdiction to a bunch of suits from DC.

If there was another party involved then who were they, what was their motive? Where was the evidence? A couple of footprints were not evidence that was coincidence at best. A local man kills his girlfriend, and then hangs himself that is a matter for local police.

But if there is a murder, perhaps even a serial killer then that is potentially a case for the FBI and that would bring in press attention. He also knew there was the tiny matter of the bruises on the boyfriend’s body. There was evidence that he had been struck in the head by some blunt object, they put it down on the report that is must have been from the woman’s skull as she struggled to get lose. Lying or even fudging on a police report was not something a good cop would ever do lightly.

Too bad Barnaby wasn’t exactly known for being a “good cop.” He knew deep down that the impact was not from a human skull, but he also knew that he could potentially have a motiveless murder and that was not something he wanted to deal with. Elklodge was a very small and quiet town. The couple that was found dead was from a small city two hours from Elklodge.

As much as he hated the idea of bringing the Feds into his territory, he hated the idea of an unsolved murder even more. He took out a small flask he kept hidden in his desk, made sure nobody was looking, and then poured some whiskey into his coffee.

Hobbs thought if it was a double homicide then he would have to cover his tracks to keep the investigation on the down low otherwise he would be facing the end of his career. On the other hand f it turned out to be a serial killer he was in for a potentially career saving investigation, not to mention he would be a hero. Either way he had to keep this one to himself.

He secretly hoped it was the double homicide and he could catch the son of a bitch. Deep down inside he had a gut feeling it was probably the latter and that he was going to be in over his head pretty soon. He filled in the line on the form that declared it a murder-suicide. He decided to just call it a crime of passion and leave it at that.

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